May 26, 2024

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Nicaragua: Ortega regime does not allow political prisoners to receive their lawyers or relatives

Nicaraguan police arrest a protester (Photo: EFE)

Police Nicaragua A humanitarian request for a group was rejected on Wednesday 15 leaders and workers of a voluntary charity, Captured a Recent arrests against dissidents, Can communicate with them Lawyers Y RelativesTheir legal representatives condemned.

Wives, sisters, daughter-in-law and children Of Political prisoners Went to the headquarters of the Assistant Director of Justice of the National Police to ask to see the prisoners, But they were rejected by the Directorate of Police and agents of special anti-riot operations.

“We are going to the courts and trying to appeal Visits, Thus they have the right to communicate outside, and thus they are guaranteed a right Individual visitors A defense with a lawyer they want, however they are in the judiciary, we are here, they deny that anyone here wants to get anything from us, ”said the opposition leader’s sister. Tamara Devila Vigil, Ana Alvarez Vigil, at an advance press conference.

Because authorities do not report the whereabouts or health status of detainees, most of them are being investigated for alleged crimes “Father’s treason”, Their relatives consider them “Missing”. They are also classified as “Abducted”, Because his arrest is said to be illegal.

Juan Sebastian Zamoro, Jose Adan Aguari, Felix Maradiga and Violeta Granora
Juan Sebastian Zamoro, Jose Adan Aguari, Felix Maradiga and Violeta Granora

They continue to violate us, detain us for 39 days, abduct us, illegally and arbitrarily restrict the freedoms and restrictions of our relativesAlvarez, who worked as a spokesman for the complainants, said.

Relatives of the perpetrators accused the Nicaraguan constitution of guaranteeing people Is considered innocent at the time of interrogation, so what Have the right to attend from attorneys However, relatives complained about the treatment of the authorities.

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“It simply came to our notice then Is in the service of rule and dictatorship, And all cases are linked to the police, the judiciary, the public security office, and the attorney general’s office, ”Alvarez said.

The complainants identified themselves as relatives of opposition leaders Devil Vigil, Ana Margarita Vigil, Suyen Parahona, Y Violeta granora, Former dissident Sandinista guerrilla Dora Maria Dallas, Candidates for the presidency Felix Maradiga, Juan Sebastian Zamoro Y Miguel Mora.

Concerns expressed in letter to Nicaraguan police signed by relatives of former aides José Pallais Y Victor Hugo Dinoco And former vice-president bChamorro Barrios by Etro Joaquin.

Relatives of the sports historian also signed Miguel Mendoza placeholder image, Workers of the defunct Violeta Barrios de Zamoro Foundation Walter Gomes Y Marco Fletz, As well as the driver of presidential candidate Christiana Zamoro, Point Pedro Vasquez.

At least 21 were considered enemies Captured in the framework of the next November 7 elections, in which the president Daniel Ortega Seeks new re-election. Ortega will play in these elections Nicaraguan has been an absolute primary in politics for almost 42 years.

(With information from EFE)

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