December 11, 2023

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Norris loses 5 grid positions after changing gearbox

Norris loses 5 grid positions after changing gearbox

Lando Norris crashed hard during the third quarter of the Belgian Grand Prix standings (Picture: AFP)

Lando Norris crashes into the Belgian F1 GP classification (Video: F1)

The violent accident he suffered Lando Norris Still at the start of Q3 of the Belgian Grand Prix classification on Saturday (28) the young Englishman will be penalized. That’s because the gearbox of McLaren #4 Damaged by a hard crash on the Eau Rouge climb and change will be needed. Thus, Norris loses five positions on the grid and starts from 14th place this Sunday, in Spa-FrancorchampsThe twelfth stage of the 2021 season.

McLaren will also run a second vehicle analysis to check the engine. This should happen on Sunday morning. If there was a need to change the power unit, the British should compete with the Hungarian version without any punishment. However, there are no problems with the structure, despite the strength of the impact.


McLaren car destroyed (Photo: clone)

After leading the first two phases of the session that set the starting positionsNorris was one of the first to leave the pits for an initial attempt at column-fighting. But the track was still very wet, tas much as Sebastian Vettel, who came right behind him, asked to stop training. That’s when Lando escaped by entering Eau Rouge and hitting the protective barriers hard. Only then did the test trend raise a red flag.

Concerned about his co-worker’s condition, Vettel parked next to a wrecked McLaren and didn’t move until he was sure Lando was okay. In reassuring McLaren about his condition, Norris lamented the accident. “Sorry guys. I disappointed you. It went badly.”

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Norris was rescued by the medical team at F1 NS He was sent to a nearby hospital, where he underwent examinations, but has already been released for operation tomorrow. Briton, who was a great candidate for first place in Spa-Francorchamps, he will start from the ninth place, but he will lose those positions.

The Belgian Grand Prix is ​​scheduled to start at 10am (GMT-3) this Sunday, with transmissions Broadcast live and in real time No grand prize. An hour ago, the briefing was broadcast live GP TV, GRAND PRIZE channel On YouTube, it brings the pre-race with the latest info straight from Spa-Francorchamps.