June 12, 2024

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'Nothing Else' · TV News

‘Nothing Else’ · TV News

Sophia Liberatodaughter Gugu Liberato (1959-2019), has condemned the theft of his car in New Mexico, USA. A young woman and her boyfriend have their belongings stolen after spending the night at a hotel. They called the police and recovered the suitcase and documents.

“We got robbed at the hotel we were staying at. They stole everything from our car, and when we went to check it, nothing was there. Before and after the police came, Gabrielle was able to catch the guys. The police came and we sorted everything out,” Redhead explained.

She and her boyfriend Gabriel Gravino took a road trip and arrived in Las Vegas this Sunday (10). The 23-year-old broke into the vehicle in the early hours and took everything. They had to wait until police arrived to access the hotel’s cameras, but Gravino found the suspect with all of his luggage and confronted him.

In a video posted on her Instagram Stories, she argued with someone: “It’s mine, right? You opened my car, didn’t you?”, Sofia questioned as she recorded the moment on her cellphone. The son opened the car and took everything.

Sophia’s boyfriend also showed several items found with the accused pair, identified by police as a man and a woman. Several backpacks and bags with clothes, cameras and other victims’ documents were also found.

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