May 28, 2024

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Nuclear submarine: Couple tries to sell US secrets to Brazil

Nuclear submarine: Couple tries to sell US secrets to Brazil

When you think of the United States, the list of “dissenters” like China and Russia is long. However, Brazil is not part of this relationship. However, a U.S. couple tried to sell US Navy intelligence to the Brazilian government in April 2020 to build nuclear submarines.

The story is already common knowledge, but the newspaper The New York Times announced this Tuesday (15/3) that Jonathan and Diana Tobe’s target is Brazil, which is still kept secret.

Jonathan worked as a naval engineer and knew the details of the design of these submarines, an expertise not found in most countries around the world. In order to make money, the Dope couple’s idea was to sell stolen U.S. naval documents to a country as far away from attention as Brazil.

The Brazilian navy has been working for many years in an effort to build a nuclear submarine. The idea was reinforced in the Lula government (PT) by the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčintroducing a vehicle in 2029 to facilitate tracking the pre-salt layer in the Atlantic.

But Tobe’s plans were thwarted when Brazilian intelligence called on the FBI to condemn the couple. Therefore, the US intelligence agency hired an agent to pretend to be the representative of Brazil interested in the document that deceived the spies.

He was arrested after a naval engineer abandoned documents on a peanut butter sandwich in West Virginia. Jonathan has already been sentenced to 17 years and six months in prison. Your wife will serve for three years.

Last month, President Jair Bolzano (non-partisan) met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. The close relationship between the countries to advance nuclear technology in Brazil is one of the agenda items.

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