September 24, 2023

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Older man says about PS care 'sixth time here, and I don't see results'

Older man says about PS care ‘sixth time here, and I don’t see results’

“I don’t want to be seen in two, three or four hours. I can stay here for a month, but I want my problem resolved.”

The words of retired Carlos Antonio da Silva, 61, describe the feeling of revolution for the constant return to the emergency room of “Dr. Alvaro Azuz” without being able to solve his health problem.

Carlos sought PS on May 30 and was directed to seek care at a UPA (Emergency Care Unit). At the Jardim Aeroporto unit, he did not get the expected help, and returned to the emergency room in the following days.

Fear has not yet come. “When it was Thursday I called Samu at 5 am and they told me they couldn’t do anything. I took my car and fainted in Jardim Paulista and almost grabbed the others,” he said.

The pensioner got help from the residents of the neighborhood. “Thanks to the people who helped me. I passed out there for 40 minutes. A lady passed, I even want to thank her, I don’t remember her name, who helped me.”

According to him, he got to the emergency room, went through three doctors and was sent home. Carlos was diagnosed with a serious lung infection.

“I can’t even walk. I’m on a stick (…) intero For the sixth time here and until today I do not see results, “he confirms.

Other complaints
Anyone who thinks Carlos is the only one complaining about the service is wrong. Paulo Cancio Mora, 47, reported waiting for more than five hours at PS on Tuesday, 7 “There are people waiting since 8 a.m. and they haven’t been seen yet. There are people who are feeling sick.”

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The Jardim Palmeiras resident is not satisfied with the situation in the unit. “I’m lonely, I have a sore throat and an earache. Many people are sick.”

The report was on site at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, when about 150 people were waiting for service in the unit’s main hall. Part of the audience waited to sit on the floor due to the lack of chairs due to the high demand.