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Em noite de Michael, Flamengo vence o Atlético-GO por 2 a 0 no Maracanã

On Michael’s night, Flamengo beat Atletico Go 2-0 in the Maracana

Nearly 18,000 fans went to the Maracana. On Friday night, they saw Michael shine and he got three points for flamingo in Brasileirao. The striker created the main risks and scored two goals in the 2-0 win over Atlético Jo, In the late match of the nineteenth round of the tournament.

as a result of, Flamengo reached 53 points and returned to the position of deputy leadership. Renato Gaucho’s team is nine behind Atletico MG, with a score of 62. Next Monday, Robro Negro will visit Chapecoense, at the Arena Conda, at 20.

Michael saves a lot the first time

The first half started as expected: Flamengo with the ball and Atletico Joe at the back, waiting for the opportunity to counterattack. A scenario that Renato Gaucho’s team has already experienced in other matches in the Maracana, and the difficulty of overcoming a team deployed defensively was also repeated. The first successful serve came with a header by Rodrigo Cayo, at 33, and goalkeeper Fernando Miguel defended without fear. Before that, almost nothing.

Atlético-GO in turn managed to attack sporadically, but the submissions were not accurate. The ball that went off Eduardo Sousa’s side was also frightening: there were three fouls that awarded Flamengo the ball in the attacking field, but Bruno Henrique, Gabi and Seia did not capitalize on them. In the last minutes, Michael “wake up”. At the age of 43, the jersey made 19 good singles, on the left, and the cross crossed the small area, but no one touched it.

Ball possession continued with Flamengo, and in a rare team building move, Everton gave Ribeiro a superb pass to Isla, who reached the finish line and fell back. Michael introduced, as a central striker, to open the scoring.

“When it’s ugly, forget it!”

The goal was good at first. On the way back from the break, Flamengo were more powerful and created more chances against a more vulnerable opponent. However, the requests remained inaccurate. There was a lot, but Fernando Miguel did little. The best was specifically Michael, near the beam, just two minutes later. Gabigol had a big shot at the age of 26, but he didn’t hit Kavadina.

In the face of collective difficulty, Michael’s solo brilliance was once again the answer. Starting from the mark and conquering the area, the 19th jersey received a beautiful help from Gabi, in a table that ended with the ball in the net: 2-0 to Flamengo in 28 minutes of the final stage. When he was replaced, with the game already resolved, Michael received a lot of applause. “When it’s ugly, forget it!”

data sheet
FLAMEGO 2X0 ATHLETIC-GO – Round 19 for Brazil

Date and time: 05/11/2021, 9:30 p.m. (from Brasilia)
Stadium: Maracana, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Rule: Rodolfo Tosque Márquez (FIFA/PR)
Auxiliaries: Bruno Bocellia (FIFA / PR) and Rafael Trombetta (PR)
where: Rafael Tracy (FIFA/SC)

public/income: 17,717 payers / 18,527 gifts / 730,540.00 BRL

Objectives: Michael (1-0, 43ft/1ºT, 2-0, 28min/2ºT)

yellow card: Gabigol y Andreas Pereira (FLA); Igor Karius (ATG)
old card: he was not there.

Flamingo (Technician: Renato Gaucho)

Diego Alves Isla (Mathusinho, 20min/2ºT), Rodrigo Caillou, David Luiz and Ramon; Willian Arau, Andreas Pereira (Thiago Maya, 15min/sec), Everton Ribeiro (Rodini, 41ft/sec), Michael (Vetino, 41ft/sec), Bruno Henrique (Joao Gomez, 41ft/sec) and Gabijol.

ATHLETIC-GO (Technician: Eduardo Sousa)

Fernando Miguel Dodo (Oliveira, 30 min/2ºT), Anderson, Eder and Igor Karís; Marlon Freitas, Whelan Maranhão, Gabriel Barallas (Toro, 17min/2ºT) and Joao Paulo; Andre Luis (Z Roberto, 23ft/2min) and Ganderson (Brian Montenegro, 30min/2min)

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