June 22, 2024

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On one of the social networks, Celso Barros takes a stand on the TV series Daniel Alves

On one of the social networks, Celso Barros takes a stand on the TV series Daniel Alves

(Photo: Lucas Figueiredo – Brazilian Football Confederation)

Throughout the week, fans have been Fluminense I followed the television series that included the name of the right-back Daniel Alves, who entered into negotiations with the club, but last Thursday night the talks ended without a positive result.

On his official Instagram page, Flo’s deputy general, Celso Barros, spoke about the whole situation, and took the opportunity to snap up the president Mario Bettencourt Head of Communication Ronaldo Franca stated.

Photo: clone / Instagram Celso Barros

Check out the full text posted by Celso Barros:

Another one from the president “Bitcoin” and his communicator and marketer Ronaldo Franca.

Throughout the week, we’ve been following the alleged negotiations to hire athlete Daniel Alves.

Many of the tricolor pages were a buzz, while other fans opposed the hiring.

I consider Daniel Alves a hell player. But I also understand that at this moment, paying R$600-800,000 for a 38-year-old would not make sense.

And the denial was conveyed by the tricolor columnist Lauro Jardim, who was the same journalist, that the caller planted a news, there, saying that my friend Abel Braga, did not want to train with influenza because of me, which the same coach denied, after a lie passed on to the columnist.

Friends of the “Emperor” say his big dream is to become the new Celso Barros in Fluminense, but with the old ring of Ronaldinho Gaucho and the frustrating employment of Daniel Alves, it is becoming increasingly difficult for that to happen.

But keep trying “Little King”. I’m in the crowd! “