May 30, 2024

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Online search for burnout increases 122% during pandemic - Mental Health

Online search for burnout increases 122% during pandemic – Mental Health

A survey conducted by online marketing platform Semrush, between July 2020 and July this year, analyzed average internet searches for keywords related to mental health.

During this period of covid-19 pandemic, the most searched terms for Brazilians are: worryWith an average of 338,000 searches, followed by depression, with 277462 and Stress, with 105,500 thousand searches.

Word Burnt Featured in the study, it showed a 122% increase. Related searches like “exhaustion syndrome”, “what is burnout” and “Symptoms of fatigueIt reached over 155,000 searches.

Emotional exhaustion, difficulty concentrating, and inability to relax are some of the symptoms of this disorder.

Occupational burnout, commonly known as BurntIt was included in the International Classification of Diseases of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2019.

When burnout is recognized as a disease, burnout has been described as “a syndrome resulting from chronic stress at work that has not been successfully managed” and is characterized by three components: “feeling overwhelmed, ridiculous, or negative feelings related to their work and reduced professional effectiveness”.

The World Health Organization explains that burnout “refers specifically to phenomena related to the occupational context and should not be used to describe experiences in other areas of life”. In other words, they are problems caused by the routine of work.

When not treated, the syndrome can develop into cases depression, disturbances worry, in addition to physical diseases such as Hypertension and digestive disorders.

Sumrash’s research also revealed that among the relaxation techniques, the most sought after techniques are contemplation (113.192) H Full concentration of the mind (52.192).

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Full concentration of the mindPerception, or “perception,” is a state of mind in which a person directs his or her attention to the present. with assets Buddhism And in the Eastern tradition, mindfulness reached the West as a secular practice used as a complementary treatment for various clinical conditions, such as chronic pain, Stressdepression and worry. Mindfulness applied to health was developed by physician John Kabat-Zinn in the 1970s in the United States.

Among the mental health apps, the most sought after by netizens were Psicologia Viva (53508), Zenklub (24015), Vittude (13846), Calm (10785) and Eurekka (2169).

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