September 28, 2023

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Pedriño is criticized by Mauro Cesar and asks: “Do you want war?”

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Pedriño was annoyed by Mauro Cesar Pereira’s criticism

A former player and now commentator for the Grupo Globo, Pedrinho was criticized by journalist Mauro Cezar Pereira on social media during the friendly match between the Brazilian national team and South Korea, on Thursday (2), and promised to answer the columnist for Radio Jovem. deprivation.
“Do you want war? Rest assured that when Celio’s game is over, you’ll have an answer. You’re on hold! So, you’ll hear a little bit about yourself,” said Pederinho, who deleted the post on Instagram shortly thereafter.

Posted by Pedrinho on Instagram
Photo: clone

Posted by Pedrinho on Instagram

After the match, Pedrinho did not mention her.

On Twitter, Mauro criticized Pederinho’s comment on the Sport TV broadcast.

In sending the match against Korea v Brazil, via Sportiv, former player Pedrinho said that Rafinha reflects “the monitoring work of the FC team”. Brazilian national team“He was signed from Rennes for £17m, and he already had 35 games and 7 goals for Leeds (from Bielsa) when he was called up for the first time, in August / 2021,” said Mauro.
“As well as being fun, watching the Premier League is nothing more than an obligation for those who work with football. It is clear that Tite is following the championship and it would be impossible not to notice Ravenha’s growth at that moment. English Championship“, he added.

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Mauro has a long list of controversies in his career. In 2019, while still on ESPN, he had a heated argument with Gian Oddi, who came to describe him as a “male” and “cheerful actor”.

Last year, Mauro argued with former assistant Nadine Bastos, now a commentator at SBT. The journalist questioned the penalty kick for Internacional, which was scored at the end of the match against Bragantino.

Nadine said Mauro should take a judging course to gain more knowledge. Mauro attacked her: “You former referees and flags, don’t change a thing. You made mistakes on the field, now when you make mistakes on TV, they don’t admit it. I’m sorry, Nadine, she’s an appellant. But if you want to take a course in journalism , or an internship, learn a bit about the profession to properly handle communications, I recommend that too.”