May 25, 2024

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Pedro Castillo has received credentials since being elected President of Peru and his legislators have promised to reform the constitution.

President-elect Point Pedro Castillo and his vice president-elect Dina Boulevard swear in before taking evidence (Photo: Reuters)

Peru’s National Electoral Arbitration Council (JNE) this Friday presented testimonies to those elected as president Point Pedro Castillo, President of Peru Libre and its Vice President Tina Boulevard At a ceremony The new president Has launched a message in support of national unity at the political and social level.

The event took place in the auditorium Incas of the Ministry of Culture There are different leaders of the country’s electoral systems. “No one in this government has backed down and I am very grateful for that and I want to tell you that I feel strong and determined. Peruvian people live longer”, Castillo revealed, insisting he or his executive was not “Savists, not communists, not extremists, very few terrorists.”

In these ways, he will fight terrorism in the country, Calls for national unity among political parties, businessmen, trade unions, university students and other sections of Peruvian civil society, Announced Trade.

Castillo linked himself to the outgoing president’s concern, Francisco Chagasti, On how to deal with the evolution of an infection derived from the corona virus. “Whichever way we look at it, everyone is vaccinated and the economy can reactivate,” the new president of Peru settled.

Castillo’s legislators took office in Congress, promising to reform the constitution

Followers of the Liberal Party of Peru, which brought Socialist Point Castillo to the presidency, celebrate the official announcement of the winner of the June 6 election on the streets of Lima (Photo: REUTERS)
Followers of the Liberal Party of Peru, which brought Socialist Point Castillo to the presidency, celebrate the official announcement of the winner of the June 6 election on the streets of Lima (Photo: REUTERS)

Legislators from the party of Pedro Castillo, who was elected president of Peru, took office on Friday after he said he would seek to rewrite the constitution. The plan to inject a state with a more active role in the economy is a sign that the fragmented Congress will face a severe war in the coming period.

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One of the plans to rewrite the constitution The promises of the Socialist Castillo during the election campaign were a motive that he reiterated after the last right-wing Keiko Fujimori, But it was not well received by the opposition in the new Congress.

Most The 37 members of the Marxist Party raised their hand and pledged to encourage the formation of a constituency legislature to change the constitution written by Peru Libre in 1993. During the government of President Alberto Fujimori, he dissolved Congress and assumed wide powers.

The purpose of the castle The rewriting of the constitution warned the political and business elite of the left and feared a change To change the current free market economic path; And impose new taxes on the mining industry Health Y Education.

President-elect of Peru, Point Pedro Castillo (Photo: REUTERS)
Elected President of Peru, Castillo, Point Pedro (Photo: REUTERS)

In Congress, which has 130 legislators, none of the 10 parties represented is sufficient To promote only constitutional reform. 24 seats of the party’s Fursa Popular Keiko Fujimori, who lost the presidency and is in the minority in the Second Congress, has vowed to defend the current Magna Carta.

For God who teaches us to love our neighbor, for a second freedom, the Socialist Homeland and the Constituent AssemblyGuillermo Permejo, a member of the ruling Liberals in the Singles Congress, was sworn in.

Peru Libre, nominated by Castillo Elementary School teacher, founded by former governor and physician Vladimir Seron, A fan of the left-wing governments of Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia. Seron, who is serving a suspended sentence for corruption, is an active leader of the political group.

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In Congress, members of the left-wing group Along with Peru – Castillo’s ally with five seats – they also pledged a new Magna Carta. But the right-wing parties Renovasian Popular and Avanza Boss joined the opposition Fursa Popular.

Congress of Peru (Photo: Europa Press)
Congress of Peru (Photo: Europa Press)

He vowed “in the defense and support of democracy, in defending the constitution that governs us, and in defending the freedom of powers.” Alejandro Aguinaka, a close ally and physician to former President Fujimori, is serving a 25-year prison sentence. For human rights violations.

Representatives of other political groups have objected to the new constitution, Although they have opened up the opportunity to support some partial reforms.

New members of Congress were sworn in Take their functions in a ceremony divided into three modules, as a measure of social exclusion by the corona virus infection.

Legislators plan to elect On Monday, the leader of the Congress and the ruling party, Libre, sought the support of different benches to chair the chamber, saying the constitutional issue would be key in the talks.

Elected President Castillo will take office in Congress on July 28 and then deliver his first message to the nation, in which he will present his 2021-2026 government plan.

(With information from Europa Press and Reuters)

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