June 16, 2024

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Performances: Defense fails, Hernance debuts and Trellez loses chance in Sport's defeat to Flamengo |  sports

Performances: Defense fails, Hernance debuts and Trellez loses chance in Sport’s defeat to Flamengo | sports

Sport did not bother Flamengo and ended up losing 2-0 at the Estadio Raulino de Oliveira, Sunday. The visiting team still had a chance to introduce Zé Welison and grew in performance after the changes, but failed to score.

Liao’s problems began in the warm-up period, when he lost defender Rafael Thierry to pain in his left ankle. Therefore, he had to improvise Marshaw as a defender and Ronaldo entered the midfield alongside Zee Willison.

In 11 of the second time – Jose Willison takes a risk from the outside, Diego Alves defends and Isla eliminates the danger

After four rounds without conceding, Sport’s defense was unsuccessful and only had more flexible points due to Melson’s defenses – preventing Arascaeta and Pedro’s chances in the last half.

Throughout the match, Flamengo swung in the net as well in a move that deviated from defensive midfielder Ronaldo. The team even scored two more goals, but the goals were disallowed for offside.

Willison’s costume: The best chance for a sport, with a shot from outside the area, in 11 minutes. But Diego Alves defended and the ball exploded on the crossbar and Isla saved her in the sequence. NB: 6

Thiago Neves: The attacking midfielder returned to the starting lineup, with the task of coordinating Sport’s midfield, but he couldn’t get there in danger. NB: 5

Check out all the sports notes:

  • Melson – 5
  • Hainer – 5
  • Sabino – 5,5
  • Mark – 5
  • Chico – 5
  • (Sander) – No degree. I acted for a short time.
  • Ronaldo – 5
  • Willison’s Costume – 6
  • (Tiago Lopez) – No degree. I acted for a short time.
  • Gustavo – No degree. He was injured in the first half.
  • (Everton Phillip) – 4,5
  • Thiago Neves – 5
  • (Hernanes) – 5
  • Mikael – 4
  • (Tréllez) – 4
  • Paulinho Mucklen – 4

Tréllez in the sports field – Photo: Anderson Stevens / Sport Club do Recife