June 21, 2024

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Peru Free Elections 2021 Second Round nndc | Keiko Fujimori has announced a new campaign to get rid of fraud allegations. Politics

Fursa Popular Presidential Candidate, , Announced a new campaign to receive complaints from citizens to prove the existence of a fraud .

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Alameda pointed out that during the demonstration rally called by his party at 28 de Julio, the new campaign of the former Congress would also be called #DenunciaLaTrampa, which he hopes will get additional evidence that it was allegedly manipulated in minutes.

“We also represent citizens who can see or hear how this was planned. Some videos have already been leaked, but you may have seen how we cheat on these patriotic citizens. We are going to announce a new way to get their complaints taken to us.”, He revealed.

“#DenunciaLaTrampa will be the next hashtag to find out what the enemy’s strategy is to try to break the will. The truth is always coming to light, we know it now, we will know it in the coming weeks.He added.

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On the other hand, Fujimori Higuchi He urged his followers not to hold demonstrations outside the homes of members of election organizations. He also asked them to participate in the marches in peace.

“It is necessary to be vigilant, to take part in these rallies and rallies, but to do so peacefully as we did. This is our best trait, we are democrats, we will exercise our voice and rights, but without violence and without fear.”, he said.

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“I also urge you not to mobilize in front of the houses of those decision-makers, no, because we are making excuses to our opponents to criticize us.Added.

Participation in this should be noted Keiko Fujimori It was the focal point of the protest called Fursa Popular at Alameda 28 de Julio, and it rallied thousands of people despite restrictions due to the epidemic. .

Keiko Fujimori has announced a new campaign to prove table fraud
In the second round of the 2021 election, Fursa Popular presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori announced a new campaign to receive complaints from citizens to show that there was a fraud on the table.

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