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Peruvian elections 2021: Point Pedro Castillo |  International

Peruvian elections 2021: Point Pedro Castillo | International

Followers of Point Pedro Castillo celebrate the left-wing declaration of Peru as president this Monday.Sebastian Castaneda / Reuters

After being announced as the President-elect Left-wing Rural Professor Point Pedro Castillo, Dozens of heads of state and government, embassies and national and international organizations greeted the union leader, while they woke up this Tuesday in a camp of supporters parked 40 days earlier in front of the main headquarters of the Electoral Court. Hope.

Peruvian President Francisco Chagasti And the US Embassy responded after the first digital session, the highest event of the National Electoral Arbitration Council Castillo was declared the winner In the June 6 poll, it received more than 44,263 votes.

More than a month delay in officializing the winner – since the completion of the official survey in mid-June – due to 271 requests Cancellation of thousands of votes De Castillo, raised by lawyers Keiko Fujimori, Second-round opponent and leader of the Fursa Popular Party.

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In cases that began on June 9 and ended on Monday, Fujimori’s challenges were declared unfounded in the first and second cases by the Electoral Court. As Fujimori and far-right allied politicians have pointed out, the National Electoral Arbitration Council rejected them because there was no evidence of impersonation or fraud, such as the signatures of polling station members who largely won the rural teacher.

The Electoral Court settled the appeal filed by Fujimori, the daughter of Autocrat Alberto Fujimori He called on his supporters to protest in the streets “against fraud”. During the rallies, his supporters carried the Burgundy flag and Tiki torches – like American supremacists A Fujimori shock group attacked Castillo’s supporters, Attacked private companies or tried to break through security fences to take over the state palace.

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“Twenty years ago, nine days ago, this could be the beginning of a new phase of reconciliation, consensus and solidarity,” Chagasti tweeted. In addition to greetings from the presidents of Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile and Ecuador, others who took to Twitter after the announcement, including OAS Secretary-General Luis Almacro and The head of the Spanish government, Sanchez of Puntarenas.

Elias, one of Castillo's supporters in the camp, was arraigned 40 days ago in Peru's Electoral Court.
Elias, one of Castillo’s supporters in the camp, was arraigned 40 days ago in Peru’s Electoral Court.Jacqueline Fox

In a written statement at noon on Tuesday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkan congratulated the Peruvian people on “listening to their voices in free and fair elections” in general and legislative elections. “We look forward to working with the administration of President-elect Castillo to strengthen the Pero-US relationship and move towards a better future,” Blingen added.

In the local context, the first institutions to greet the President were the oldest specialized association in election monitoring, Transparency; Anti-Corruption Voluntary Organization, Protica; And the Unique Union of Peruvian Education Workers (Sudeb), the most important teaching center.

In addition, he expressed his desire to work with the Guild Castillo of medium-sized companies such as Sociedad National de Industries and major employer Confife, his economic and second-round campaign. He promised to respect legal commitment and investment. In a statement issued on Tuesday, Confederation called on the President-elect to expedite the vaccination process.

Among the reactions of national politicians was an open letter from three elected Congressmen from the Morado party – center-right – including former Education Minister Flor Pablo. “A head teacher has a beautiful opportunity to teach politics. When the children of our countryside see him swearing, they say: ‘We can go there too. For many comrades, his coming to power means justice and hope,'” the text reads.

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Camp of ‘All Bloods’

Castillo did not receive a certificate of election as president during a ceremony organized by the election tribunal. The appointment of his team, change meetings with the outgoing Sakasthi cabinet and his inauguration on July 28 are pending. While clearing a poster in front of the main headquarters of the National Electoral Arbitration Council on Tuesday morning, a citizen said, “They did not take so long to announce, and we hope there are no more legumes.”

More than 460 people have been living there for 42 days Camp facing the National Election Arbitration Board. Its co-ordinator, Sergio Gonzalez of Arequipa, says, “The hardest thing these weeks is to make a living.” Gonzalez, 41, of the Peruvian Liberal Party, said on Monday night he lived with tears in his eyes because of Castillo’s declaration, because it was the first time someone like him had become president.

“Many believe that the majority should have a government, which is very forgotten, and has a socio-economic status. It took us 200 years to be a farmer, a patrolman, to be a teacher for the first time in government: one of the people involved in the struggles,” Gonzalez added. Mentions.

According to the coordinator of the “All Bloods” camp, there were citizens from 22 regions of the country, the majority of whom are expected to stay in Lima until their inauguration on July 28. At the other end of the camp, Elias, a 41-year-old farmer, takes off his tent and folds a blanket: he is getting ready to go home. “I came from the San Martin area of ​​Juanju Province in the Amazon 40 days ago. The most difficult thing these weeks is uncertainty, but the goal has been achieved. I am very happy, but we have gone through difficult times: I believe in better government, change for the country, ”says the farmer.

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