June 13, 2024

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Philip Semas’ wife reveals about life in the United States with her family

Mariana Ulman and her family live in the United States (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Spends a season with his family in Los Angeles, USA Mariana Ulman Told how to live in the next place Philip Seamus And the couple’s children.

We saw the hand of God and how united our family was. On a daily basis, when we were in Rio, being close to family was great, but for better or worse, I think the kids always had to go somewhere. ‘I want Grandma to go home … go …’“, Said the influencer on Instagram.

“Now, we’ve all spending this season together, we do not have that option, because we are far away. So, what we enjoyed was what surprised me. Scored.

In a conversation with her followers, Mariana Ulman also told how she transformed herself with greater patience while educating her children Joachim, Vicente and Maria.

I come from a process where my life was screaming, doing things I didn’t see myself doing today. Sometimes screaming comes out logical. They are in the room, I scream from a distance, stop fighting. Will be over soon “He agreed.

Mariana Ulman opens her heart

Recently on his profile, the digital influencer, who usually shares posts and reflections about his family, released emotional text.

Butterflies in the stomach if you look at this picture! If you look at this photo, you will understand how much we are together, and sometimes how difficult things are, different from what we can imagine, but how hopeful it is to know that we are a family.“, Began the celebrity who posted a photo next to Philip and the kids.

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“In the midst of turmoil, couples who are rooted in the Lord and have decided not to get caught up in circumstances! I love you, I love the family we have built, I want to live by your side every day, I still love you even if you persecute me, or you are stubborn! Hahahahaha ”Done.

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