December 4, 2023

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Physicians who are part of the healthy OS accused of aberrations in SP are targets of the PF operation;  Luxurious speedboat seized and 200 thousand Brazilian riyals |  Sao Paulo

Physicians who are part of the healthy OS accused of aberrations in SP are targets of the PF operation; Luxurious speedboat seized and 200 thousand Brazilian riyals | Sao Paulo

The new phase of the infection operation of the Federal Police, which took place on Tuesday (23), has seized a luxury speedboat and is trying to carry out four arrest warrants, including two for two doctors, investigated for misuse of public resources through social organizations (OSs).

Operating systems in the health field operate in the municipalities of Hortolândia, Embu das Artes and Itapecerica da Serra in the state of São Paulo.

Also, 20 search and seizure warrants were issued in these cities. On Tuesday, 200,000 Brazilian reals were found in a doctor’s home.

The court also ordered withholding 40 million Brazilian reals used by the gang and stopping the economic activity of some subcontracted companies that would be used to commit crimes.

The first phase of the operation took place in April of this year. According to PF, organizations have received more than R$300 million over the past three years – mainly during the Covid-19 pandemic, without having the technical capacity to administer contracts.

The scheme consists of increasing bills for the supply of goods and services, such as medical shifts and medicines, as well as performing simulation services, such as consulting services.

R$200,000 cash seized at home of investigated doctor for diverting resources through OS – Image: PF/Disclosure

The new stage of the investigation found that a municipal guard was involved in the money laundering scheme and withdrew R$18 million in cash. During the investigations, the Federal Police also confiscated R$500,000 in a secret operating system room in Cotía.

PF confiscates imported cars operating in Embu das Artes

The first stage of the process

In March, five arrest warrants and 38 search and seizure warrants were issued. Arrest orders were carried out in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. Luxury sports cars have been seized in the home of a target.

The investigation began after the Federal Comptroller General (CGU) determined that a social organization (OS) without technical capacity had contracted with these municipalities with evidence of fraud and directed towards the provision of health services. Some contracts have been signed on an emergency basis for the management and care of people infected with Covid-19.

Video: PF targets alleged criminal scheme when setting OS

Video: PF targets alleged criminal scheme when setting OS

Some of the subcontracted companies, after the funds were transferred by the operating system, made hundreds of cash withdrawals totaling more than R$18 million. A GCM company in Cotia is suspected of escorting withdrawals of bribery money at ATMs valued at R$17.

The owner of OS is a 28-year-old veterinarian, a recent graduate, who resides in Presidente Bernardes, in the interior of São Paulo. GCM Cotia, who was also arrested, is a partner in one of the subcontractors.

Federal police comply with orders to investigate the crime of employing a health operating system in the city halls of São Paulo – Photo: PF Disclosure

One of the search sites was the home of the former health minister of Embu das Artes. He lives in Pirapora do Bom Jesus. When they got to his house, police said he tried to get rid of a laptop by throwing the computer on the roof. The OS has been operating in the city of Embu das Artes since March 2019.

In a statement, during the first phase of the police investigation, the municipality of Embu das Artes reported that it was “cooperating with the investigations that are being carried out on the AMG company that provides services in our municipality. The city council still does not do so.” Get information about the operation in its context, but as always, it is available to the authorities.” st 1 He tried to speak to the Metropolitan Management Association (AMG), but he couldn’t.

Hortolândia City Hall informs that the municipal administration is at the disposal of the investigation so that the allegations can be investigated and, if wrongdoing is identified, those responsible are punished according to the law. “The City Council reiterates that municipal contracts comply with technical standards, are subject to internal review, and that even in the face of the need for emergency measures to combat the epidemic, the determination of legislation governing the processes for obtaining inputs and hiring from materials is always observed in the services provided to the government,” it stated. in the note.

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Itapecerica da Serra says it will terminate the current contract, as well as set up an internal audit to verify the fairness of contracts signed in the previous administration.