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Political crisis in Venezuela: Maduro government demands jail for five Venezuelan opposition leaders |  International

Political crisis in Venezuela: Maduro government demands jail for five Venezuelan opposition leaders | International

George Rodriguez, Speaker of the Venezuelan Parliament, in Caracas this Tuesday.DPA via Europa Press / Europa Press

President of the Venezuelan Parliament and a key figure in the Savista regime George Rodriguez, Blamed the governments United States Y Colombia Providing financial and logistical assistance to Venezuelan opposition leaders. Both executives aim to incite paramilitaryism and promote scenes of violence Venezuela, Assured the officer. Rodriguez on Tuesday asked the prosecutor’s office to go to court against all national leaders of the Popular Will Party, Emilio Greteron, Hussler Iglesias, Gilber Caro and Luis Somasa, for taking responsibility for setting up paramilitary groups from Colombia. The petition comes a day after Venezuelan protests were linked to criminal gangs that besieged West Caracas.

Rodriguez’s statements came a day after Savismo political police sent Freddie Guevara, a member of the opposition negotiating team, to prison, during talks with Savismo, and a popular bow activist. And 24 hours later Fierce attack by the Bolivarian National Police against Guide, His wife and his co-workers, the most violent and hostile of all that had been done before.

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Rodriguez showed some graphics that demonstrate the connection between these opposition politicians and the criminal leaders of the so-called “mega gangs” who have gained a presence and influence in various parts of the country amid official indifference and have been repeatedly denounced by the opposition.

The leader of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela confirmed that the authorities had blocked cell phone conversations between these members of the national leadership of the People’s Will. Leopoldo Lopez, The founder of the party, took refuge in Madrid and described him as a “murderer”.

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“We’re going to show evidence from the phones of those involved. By deleting messages from the WhatsApp site, they believe the evidence will be erased. They can delete messages as many times as they want, but they can also recover them with a home program,” said Jorge Rodriguez. They were not convicted because the investigation work was here and Freddie Guevara was sent to meetings, “he added.

These days Savismo’s hardening is taking place in the presence of the country’s delegation European union, Which has met with government and opposition actors, and is exploring the possibility of a plan to carry out technical monitoring of the November regional elections, and steps are being taken to launch a well-established political dialogue agenda with government mediation. Norway.

The Savista government demonstrates power and hostility, which seeks conditional dialogue, which has confused many and created conflict between conflicting factions and members of the opposition. Shortly before these announcements, the US government had decided to partially lift some of the sanctions that prevented Venezuela from importing gas, which was a sign of goodwill to strengthen the context of the agreement. So far, the United States has responded with caution Mature.

Both Rodriguez and Nicolas Maduro recently reaffirmed that recognizing Savismo’s political institutions was a fundamental condition for initiating dialogue, and that if this did not happen, there would be no dialogue.

For some observers, the Maduro government has a particular interest in outlawing and neutralizing the highly militant opposition Voluntary Popular, founded by Leopoldo Lopez, and fears that the initial concessions conspire against its electoral potential. “Popular was preparing to go to the polls,” says the writer and intellectual. Colette Gabriels. “I was amazed by Rodriguez’s claims; they have a political expense for everything they do. Either they found out about something they did not like, or they realized they made a lot of concessions,” he adds. Although Guevara was arrested, Gabriels did not believe the conversation would end.

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When the Savista regime punished a section of its opponents, it one day arranged for political dialogue and peace broadcasts on state television. It was a meeting with some opposition leaders at the Miraflores Palace with a moderate line and a complacent attitude, part of which led to the decision to take part in the controversial parliamentary elections in December last year. Some of them were part of the comment Operation Algron, They were accused of being bribed by Savismo to break with their original parties, and attempted to force an impregnated quorum imposed in 2019 to block Kayte’s new appointment as head of the legislature.

“Maduro is doing this because he has problems with his party’s internal elections, and he knows he is very weak in terms of elections,” says Nigmar Evans, a political scientist and director of the Information Portal. Cutting point. “Opposition parties are preparing to go together, even thinking of a primary, to present the monopoly candidates to Savismo. In those moments they are resorting to violence to politicize the state.”

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