June 23, 2024

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Real Madrid want to "protect" Vinicius Junior and prepare the proposal to renew the millionaire

Real Madrid want to “protect” Vinicius Junior and prepare the proposal to renew the millionaire

Real Madrid is preparing an offer to renew the contract of Vinicius Junior. A new relationship between the two parties can last until 2027 and a salary of up to 65 million Brazilian riyals

With nine goals and three assists in 14 games for real Madrid this early season, Vinicius Jr He’s been a big name for the merengue team in recent weeks. At the age of 21, offspring flamingo It shows a clear development in Spain and appears to have lit the “yellow light” on the club’s board of directors.

According to the diary information Sports World and confirmed ESPN.com.brThe Meringue team is interested in renewing the contract with the Brazilian until 2027. In addition to ensuring that the boy will stay longer in the team, the idea of ​​Real Madrid is to “arm” Vinicius from the market with a significant increase in salary.

The Brazilian revelation has one of the lowest salaries for the team. However, the Sports World Notifies that a possible renewal of the contract may cause Vinicius Get an increase of 10 million euros per season, approximately 66 million Brazilian reals.

Vinicius’ current relationship with Real Madrid continues until 2024. ESPN.com.br, The athlete’s fatigue is calm so far on the subject, he knows how much the Meringue team is interested in extending the association, but he has not yet been contacted to open negotiations.

Vinicius Jr. has been praised almost daily by the Spanish press. But criticism was directed at coach Titi, of the Brazilian national team, who did not name the Brazilian highlight the upcoming commitments against Colombia and Argentina, in the World Cup qualifiers. World Cup Qatar, in 2022.

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