May 20, 2024

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Rebecca Andrade performs and secures herself in two gymnastics worlds finals |  The world of artistic gymnastics

Rebecca Andrade performs and secures herself in two gymnastics worlds finals | The world of artistic gymnastics

At every Rebecca Andrade show, the Kitakyushu gym rattled with applause. A little less than three months after the Tokyo Olympics, the Olympic champion returned to Japan and performed in the gymnastics qualifiers. This morning (Tuesday morning in Japan), the 22-year-old gymnast advanced to the finals in vaulting (14,800 on average) and uneven bars (15,100) in the lead. Still waiting for the playoffs to end to see if she’ll also decide the beam.

– I am very happy, because I trained a lot and was able to do everything I prepared. I’m really excited about the finals, Rebecca said.

Rebecca Andrade jumping at the 2021 World Gymnastics Qualifiers – Photo: Toru Hanai / Getty Images

The show was not completed, because the favela ball was missing. Rebecca has already announced that she won’t be performing on the floorand thus also remain out of the all-around individual competition, the race in which she is the current Vice-Champion of the Olympics. Since it’s a knee-demanding device, the gymnast chose to watch the trip to the Paris 2024 Games.

Rebecca Andrade balances on the uneven bars at the 2021 World Gymnastics Championships – Photo: Toru Hanai / Getty Images

SportTV 2 will broadcast live the World Finals, and Give Monitors Brazilian qualifiers in real time.

Rebeca has already opened the dispute in her flagship device and it has started very well. She made both jumps from the Olympic qualifiers. On the toughest flight, Cheng, she ended up running out of the relegation zone and thus lost three tenths, but still had the highest score in the competition: 14,900 points. The second flight was a Yurchenko with a Double Pirouette approx. Only one step back in the end, 14,700 points. With an average of 14,800 points, he put himself in the lead and secured himself in the final.

My jump was better than podium training. I was feeling better anyway. With more time, I think I was able to get a better feel for the device and better control for that time. I can feel my body. It was very good – Olympic champion rating.

Rebecca Andrade’s show continued on the asymmetric rails, a device she adores. Named the series. He received all calls from movements correctly and did not take any steps on his way out. Shake a lot and score: 15100 points (8.8 hits)! If at the 2018 World Cup Rebekah was a few tenths from the final, she was on top in Kitakyushu.

– I trained a lot and prepared a lot and was able to present the series, which is considered difficult in the playoffs. IM so happy.

On the beam I think I could have done a little better. These are things that happen, it’s normal, it’s sports. I’m human, and I can get it right, I can get it wrong. It’s okay (laughs). I am happy.