June 7, 2023

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Issue 542: Submarines for Australia and the Fight for the Future |  Topic

Release # 698: Abortion in the United States (and Political Controversy) | Subject

The 1973 “Row vs. Wade” decision confirms access to abortion in all US states. Now it may be on the verge of reversing – the leak of the draft decision of the Supreme Court judges points out. The document points out that the rule, born out of the challenge of a pregnant single mother with 3 children, should be overturned by a majority of the US judiciary. “The best moment the Conservatives have been waiting for for 49 years has arrived,” explains Kuka Chakra, a New York-based globo commentator, in an interview with Julia Dwight. Gua illustrates how poor women can be most vulnerable by seeking out secret clinics. He recalled how religious agendas were incorporated by Republicans, for whom abortion was a “vote-gathering.” How should Democrats use this issue to convince voters to take part in the midterm elections scheduled for November? “It simply came to our notice then [democratas] Lose a majority in the House and Senate, “he concludes.

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Podcast The Subject Producers: Mônica Mariotti, Isabel Seta, Tiago Aguiar, Fabiana Novello, Gabriel de Campos, Luiz Felipe Silva, Thiago Kaczuroski, Gustavo Honório and Eto Osclighter. Presented by: Julia Duvalipi.

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