May 25, 2024

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Remember and drive.  Atletico win and Coca gives an impeccable indication: 'An unprecedented fact for you and me'

Remember and drive. Atletico win and Coca gives an impeccable indication: ‘An unprecedented fact for you and me’

Both Rooster Strong and Avenger in Brasileirão offer an impeccable edge. A 2-0 win over Palmeiras, on Saturday (14), in Mineirao, cemented a campaign with high numbers. After the match, coach Coca held a press conference and praised the levels achieved, but curbed the excitement, targeting the next trip in the competition.

“We have 37 points out of 48 we played. It’s a great index. We have to celebrate in moderation, because in football, Wednesdays confirm Sundays, and vice versa.”, the coach declared, with his feet on the ground and his mind ready to work in search of further improvement for Alvenegro:

“I am very satisfied with what the people were giving and representing. They were playing with strength, determination and quality. Tactically they are very obedient. The technical part is very good. They come in development but they can always improve. We have a very strong defense. We used the cast a lot, we run.” A lot, which gives us a very low hit rate. Of course, everyone’s confidence increases as you win matches,” Coca detailed.

The campaign broke unprecedented records, achieving 9 consecutive victories, and Gallo led the Brazilian championship, 5 points ahead of Palmeiras, who is in second place. The winning streak is the best performance in the history of Atlético in Brazil. For a coach, achievement is also something that is achieved for the first time.

Coca comments on the mark built into his career and on the rooster track. The coach emphasized that this campaign is taking place in the midst of a dispute over three simultaneous competitions: “There are nine consecutive victories in a difficult tournament as it is, with very complicated logistics, punctuated by the Copa del Rey and the Libertadores. So it is an unprecedented reality, for me and Gallo,” the coach noted.

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