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Rodaliga scores a bike but Bahia draws with Red Bull Bragantino – 09/18/2021

Rodaliga scores a bike but Bahia draws with Red Bull Bragantino – 09/18/2021

Bahia tie Red Bull Bragantino 1 to 1 tonight (18) in a match valid for the 21st round of Series A of the Brazilian Championship, which was held at Arena Fonte Nova, in Salvador. He scored the goal of the Colombian host team, Rodaliga, on a bicycle in 16 of the second half. Eight minutes later, Italo equalized with Paulista.

As a result, the Bahian team has moved a little further from the relegation zone and is now in 14th place, two points away from America – MG, which opens the razor. On the other hand, Bragantino has 33 points and will spend another round of G-4 for the championship.

The next game of Steel Squadron will be on Sunday (26th), at 4 pm, against Internacional, scheduled for Beira Rio. On the same day and time, Red Bull Bragantino visited Fluminense in the Maracana.

It was good: Luan Candido is doing well

Left-back Luan Candido, who was spared by coach Mauricio Barbieri, was the best on the field as he managed to avoid almost all of Bahia’s attacks against Clayton’s goal, winning 7 of 10 duels and two interceptions along the field. The Road. about the game.

It was bad: Oscar Ruiz is aimless

Oscar Ruiz did not miss much in the match, he moved well and made some dangerous passes, but he was unable to cross the balls on the right side of Hugo Rodaliga, which prevented the Colombian from making some shots. With no target, he was replaced by Maycon Douglas in the second stage.

Gilberto is losing space

Gilberto is slowly losing ground to Colombian Rodaliga in the starting lineup of Diego Dubov. After starting the match against Fortaleza and scoring four times, Rodaliga partnered with Gilberto in the next match, against Santos, but in today’s match, Alagoas remained on the bench and only activated in the last ten minutes of the match.

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A frantic game and the ball is on the crossbar

The start of the match was frantic at Fonte Nova with the two teams of similarly aggressive playing styles, as they blasted off the attack as Coelho started off Bahia’s bar in eight minutes of the first stage.

Bragantino feels absent

After an early match with many attacks and against attacks from both teams, the pace of the match decreased in the second half of the first stage, especially for Bragantino, who could not impose the attack, and showed difficulty in the installation of play without the presence of important players such as Weaverton. , Nathan, Emiliano Martinez and Ademar, were exempted from the Copa Sudamericana.

bicycle wheel

Bahia walked a lot on the right side of the field in plays similar to the one that made Rodaliga to score four times against Fortaleza, in the nineteenth round, and a lot of insistence succeeded. In the 16th minute, Nino Paraiba crossed into the area and Rodaliga, in second place, hit a bicycle to open the scoring.

Rodaliga celebrates Bragantino’s goal against Brazil

Photo: Johnny Pinho/Agif

Yatalou equalizes and becomes top scorer

Eric Ramirez’s cross from the right to Coelho, who moved to the middle to dominate Italo and finish on the left to equalize the match and score his eighth goal in Brazil, linking the championship artillery with Gilberto (Bahia) and Hulk (Atletico MG), Bruno Henrique (Flemish) and Edenilson (international).

RB Bragantino players celebrate a goal against Bahia - Johnny Pinho / Agave - Johnny Pinho / Agave

RB Bragantino players celebrate Atatul’s goal against Bahia

Photo: Johnny Pinho/Agive

Changes at the end

The equality on the scoreboard made coaches call in reinforcements to try to avoid a win at all costs. Barbieri put Weverton and Martinez, who are supposed to stay in the next match, while Daboof put Gilberto, Maicon Douglas and Rodrigoinho. Despite the changes in attack, neither team was able to score and win the three points.

Back to Fonte Nova

The match marked Arena Fonte Nova’s return to the Brazilian Championship. In June 2020, the site changed its functionality and became home to a 200-bed COVID-19 pandemic field hospital. The hospital began decommissioning three weeks ago.

data sheet:

Bahia 1 x 1 Red Bull Bragantino

reason: Round 21 of the Brazilian Championship – First Division
Sweetened: Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador (BA)
date and time: 09/18/2021 (Saturday), 9:00 p.m. (Brasilia time)
Rule: Wilton Pereira Sampaio (GO)
Auxiliaries: Fabricio Villarino da Silva and Bruno Rafael Perez (both from GO)
where: Elmo Elvis Resende Cunha (GO)
yellow cards: Aderlan, Jadsom Silva, Cleiton, Gabriel Novaes (BGT) e Rodallega (BAH)
Objectives: Rodallega (Bahrain), 16 minutes into the second half and Italo (BGT), 24 minutes into the second half.

Bahia: Mateus Klaus, Nino ParaĆ­ba, Lucas Fonseca, Luiz Ottavio, Juninho Capixaba; Lucas Araujo (Edson), Daniel (Gilberto), Mugni, Oscar Ruiz (Maicon Douglas), Rodaliga (Rodriginho), Esnaldo (Luisao). Coach: Diego Dubov.

Red Bull Bragantino: Clayton, Aderlan (Weaverton), Leo Ortiz, Nathan, Luan Candido. Judson (Wiverson), Eric Ramirez, Vitino, Helenho, Italo and Coelho (Emiliano Martinez). Coach: Mauricio Barbieri.