May 25, 2024

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Rodrigo Caio of Flamengo remembers his complaint against Aguirre and praises Paulo Sousa's visit: "He has a very good heart" |  flamingo

Rodrigo Caio of Flamengo remembers his complaint against Aguirre and praises Paulo Sousa’s visit: “He has a very good heart” | flamingo

– When I heard that the master was going to the hospital to give me a hug, I didn’t even know him, he didn’t know me, he just arrived. He went there to give me a hug and to say the word “strength”. For me, that meant a lot. First you look at this situation and say, “He cares about me. He’ll give me a word of support and he’s counting on me.”

– And a day or two later, he called me: “So, Rodrigo, how are you? Stay strong, know that everything will work out, that God is on your side and that we are here to support you to be with us ASAP.” This, to me, is the attitude of a human being with a very kind heart. When a person is in a moment like this, they are frustrated and need a hand. He gave me his hand at that moment. And every time I was on CT he would always ask. This is invaluable, and without a doubt, it was very remarkable.

Gabigol wants Rodrigo Cayo to embrace Flamengo’s first goal – Photo: Gilvan de Sousa/Flamingo

– It was very touching to me when he came to visit me. This is the attitude of a person who thinks about the following. I’ve had a lot of injuries and I’ve had a lot of problems in training. Coach (Aguirre) actually. I had a foot injury, been out of action for three months, and the coach never once went to physical therapy to hug me or ask about my condition. This is a difficult situation because this is a sad moment for the athlete. You are injured, and on this occasion I was fighting for a place in the World Cup. I was infected two weeks before the final recall – remembers that.

Fred Gomez talks about the return of Rodrigo Cayo

Away from the coaches, Rodrygo was back to celebrate the first red and black goal, which Gabigol and his other teammates jumped on. When you see the photo recorded by Gilvan de Sousa (at the top of the article)one of the official photographers for flamingoThe athlete exclaimed:

– It is an image that indicates the union of this class and passion. I got it from the start. We built a very special family here. Since I was injured, I have received unconditional support from all players. The affection was so important that I could get back to doing what I love.

Flamengo vs Altos: Rodrigo Caillou – Photo: Andre Durao

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