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Rogerio Ceni returns to the Maracana at altitude in Sao Paulo after wearing and leaving the troubled Flamengo |  Sao Paulo

Rogerio Ceni returns to the Maracana at altitude in Sao Paulo after wearing and leaving the troubled Flamengo | Sao Paulo

Rogerio Ceni returned to the Maracana about 300 days after his last appearance on the field responsible for Flamengo. Now in the “home” in Sao PauloOn his second stint as a coach at the club where he established himself as a goalkeeper, the captain returns to Mario Filho for his first duel against the Red-Black team in Rio de Janeiro since the turbulent departure in July last year.

This Sunday, at 4 pm (GMT), for the second round of Brazilian, Rogerio Ceni arrives in the capital, Rio de Janeiro, on high, with board-approved work and a group of “at hand” athletes, mixing experienced names such as Rafinha and Miranda and youngsters such as Rodrigo Nestor and Pablo Maya. The tranquility of Barra Funda CT contrasts with the tension at the end of the lane at Ninho do Urubu.

In Sao Paulo 2022, Rogerio Ceni received support from the board of directors and fans – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

Ceni, Brazil’s 2020 champion with Flamengo, was sent off due to wear and tear within the club, as well as unsatisfactory results at the 2021 Brasileirão. And it ended up in a strained relationship with the leaked audio code of red and black market analyst Roberto Drummond. The club was criticized day after day.

– He’s a bad person. No other definition – Drummond announced in the leaked audio.

The Flamengo coach was quarantined, and he ended up being fired the day after the audio was posted. The red and black club announced Ceni’s departure at dawn through a brief text on social media..

In addition to the 2020 Brasileirão, the former goalkeeper won the Supercopa do Brasil and Cariocao for Rio de Janeiro, both in the 2021 season.

After leaving Flamengo, Rogerio Ceni planned some time away from football. However, in October, hours after Hernan Crespo’s resignation was announced, The former goalkeeper has been confirmed as the new coach of Sao Paulo.

Without a signed contract and a presentation for his second time as coach of Sao Paulo, Ceni led the first training session on October 13 with the goal of saving Tricolor from relegation.

The goal was reached in the penultimate round, By defeating Juventus in Morumbi. But halfway, Sene received severe blows, such as the defeat to Flamengo himself, in the first match against the Red Lions after leaving. in Morumbi, He crushed the Carioca team 4-0 with a Michael show.

And the end of the season, despite the satisfaction of staying in the Italian Serie A, ended with a tumult. A leaked audio, this time by Muricy Ramalho, revealed Rogério Ceni’s dissatisfaction with the situation in São Paulo.. The football coach and coordinator called for reinforcements and stipulated their continuation for the arrival of new athletes.

The board has moved and brought in seven new names for the 2022 season. The last of them, Andre Anderson, may appear this Sunday, but it is doubtful due to the instability.

With a revamped range and more room for kids from Cotia like Rodrigo Nestor, Pablo Maya, Gabriel Sara and Igor Gomez, Rogerio Ceni has been enhanced with a combination of fieldwork and off-field situation.

swipe structure Sao Paulo The honest interviews brought the fans closer to the team. In addition to strengthening the work of the coaching staff, after a poor start in Paulistão.

The result was seen in the state championship itself. With the highest average attendance in the competition, Morumbi had important victories, such as two victories against Corinthians and 3-1 against Palmeiras, in the first final of Paulistau.

Neither Abel Ferreira’s team defeat nor the runner-up changed confidence in the business. Once again, fans shouted Sene’s name, Previously disturbed by statements praising the Flemish. The Sao Paulo He returned to be the home of the former goalkeeper and now the football coach.

Rogerio Ceni once again shouted his name in Morumbi – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

Now, Ruggiero and the Technical Committee are able to devise a strategy that supports the excellent evaluation of the work. With a more reserve formation, the team won both games for Cuba Sudamericana leads the group.

Almost a year later, back at the Maracanã, the former goalkeeper enjoyed the calm he hadn’t found in recent weeks as a red black captain. In the Sao PauloThere is virtually unrestricted support from the stands and nearly complete power for the coach’s work.

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