July 20, 2024

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“Ronaldo, about Mineirao, talk to me, not Zima,” says the stadium manager.

“Ronaldo, about Mineirao, talk to me, not Zima,” says the stadium manager.

The Ronaldo Nazario, an investor in Cruzeiro, meets with Governor Romeo Zima, has not had a good influence on the management of the Minas Arena, the union that runs the Mineirão. Samuel Lloyd, the stadium’s commercial director, said that if the club wanted to talk about the venue, they should make an appointment with him, not the state government.

“Dear Ronaldo Phenomeno. If you want to talk about the administration of Mineirao, you need to book with me, not with Romeo Zima. We are in Brazil, not in Venezuela. This country that I love respects laws, bids and contracts. Until 2037, at least, this administration was From Minas Arena, a company that I represent with great pride and dedication and is a reference in stadium management in Brazil,” Lloyd wrote on social media.

Lloyd stated that the meeting between Ronaldo and Zima, scheduled for Wednesday afternoon (15) in Belo Horizonte, could not depend on the management of Gigante da Pampulha. It is worth remembering that, in principle, it is an informal meeting.

“Minas Arena, which is the consortium that has managed Mineirao since the renewal for the World Cup, has a contract until 2037. This is a contract for the management and maintenance of the stadium, which has been and remains a public asset. Here to fulfill that contract,” Lloyd explained.

He also confirmed that the company is open to discussing this matter with any private company like Raposa itself. He added, “Therefore, Cruzeiro, Atletico or any other private company, in order to establish any relationship with Mineirao, you need to speak to the Minas Arena. The government of Minas has to oversee this contract, as is very well done. Zima.”

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Complicated Relationship

Since the announcement of the purchase of 90% of Sociedade Anônima do Futebol (SAF) from Raposa in December 2021, the phenomenon has made some complaints about the costs of Gigante da Pampulha, operated by Minas Arena, a partner of the Minas government.

Indeed, Cruzeiro’s investor said building a stadium for the team was on his mind. “Mineirao is still a far cry from being a cheap operation. It is already a lower price than the Brazilian average, which we think is fair. We are still in the hands of Mineirao and, ultimately, in the hands of Independencia,” he said.

Ronaldo arrives in the capital, Minas Gerais, on Wednesday, where he will watch the match between Cruzeiro and Ponte Preta, the next day, at four o’clock in the evening, for Campeonato Brasileiro Série B, in Mineirão itself.