July 20, 2024

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Ronaldo leaves Henrique out of plans and delivers a case to the “Cruzeiro Association” |  Sea trip

Ronaldo leaves Henrique out of plans and delivers a case to the “Cruzeiro Association” | Sea trip

Football CEO Sea tripPedro Martins has revealed that there are players from the current professional team whose contracts have not been transferred to SAF. One of them belongs to the Henrique steering wheel. The player’s case was handed over to the management of the federation, which is responsible for Sérgio Santos Rodrigues.

This Thursday, Pedro Martins (CEO of football at Sea tripHe confirmed that the case was referred to the association’s management. according to GiveAnd Until the middle of last year, part of the debt with Henrique amounted to one million Brazilian reals.

– Henrique is also in this case of association analysis. His contract was not passed to the SAF. So, the legal team of the association is discussing with the agents and all the persons responsible for the professional life to make the best decision so that the process of association is smooth.

At the beginning of January, the Air Force brought the uncertain situation to the wheel with the SAF. Henrique is still treating a right knee injury. For this reason, there is a legal need for renovation, which has already been taken up by the old administration.

Henrique, midfielder and captain Cruzeiro – Photo: clone/TV Globo

The financial aspect also makes the arrangement not so simple. Despite accepting a salary cut, there is a million dollar debt Sea trip With the player in connection with the last decade. Debt refers to salary renegotiation and late payment.

Henrique on his third visit to Sea trip It adds more than 500 games to the club. After landing, he was loaned to Fluminense, and in 2020 returned to Série B, but could not prove himself. Due to knee injuries, he has not played since October of that year.

Five Star Partner – Cruzeiro – Photo: Publicity