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Russell puts Mercedes ahead and drives FP2 at Emilia Romagna GP - F1 news

Russell puts Mercedes ahead and drives FP2 at Emilia Romagna GP – F1 news

FORMULA 1 2022: All About IMOLA Ranking Fri | instructions

After the weekend start with classification And the rainy and cold weather, this Saturday dawn (23) is much less severe with Formula 1. In a climate scenario close to 20°C and with a sunny, though cloudy sky, pilots and teams had dry track activity to work on. The second free practice had a lot of action on the track and ended with George Russell in the role of leader.

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if it was mercedes Delivery Worst qualifying exercise in ten years On Friday, with the first complete absence from the third quarter since 2012, Russell saw a quick exit on Saturday morning. The value of this lead is relative, since there is no further qualification ahead over the weekend, much of the work in FP2 in the sprint stages is dedicated to the long simulation work. However, it cannot be excluded that the Englishman had a powerful position.

Russell starts 11th in the sprint, but at least he’s arriving in some spirit. Lewis Hamilton He was 0s5 behind his teammate and in fourth. between the two Sergio Perez Second, it was the best on the medium tires, while Leclerc finished third. Fernando AlonsoCarlos Sainz, Max Verstappen – sprint racing magnate -, Yuki Tsunoda, Pierre Gasly and Guanyu Zhou Close top 10.

The session had basically 17 pilots. This is because Valtteri Bottas And Daniel Ricciardo They haven’t even gone to the track, since then Alfa Romeo And McLaren He spent all the activity fiddling with cars. Lando Norris He even ran a few laps, but was quickly disqualified from practice after noticing a problem with the brake system.

The grand prize Accompanying all Emilia-Romagna GP . activities live on At present. Coming soon, 11:30 a.m. [de Brasília, GMT-3]a F1 Compete in the first sprint race of the season.

Charles Leclerc throughout FP2 at Imola: Monaco top F1 (Picture: Ferrari)

Find out how the TL2 went:

Finally, a normal scenario! After a chaotic day from a weather standpoint and a rating of nearly two hours and five red flags, the Formula 1 I made it to the second free practice in time, with dry asphalt and the weather near 20°C – double what it was the day before. What was offered, then, was the possibility to test the car and the slick tires with more freedom.

The first rider to appear on the track was Lance’s Outingwith medium tires, opening a gate that brought the companion to the scene Sebastian Vettelexperimental duo in mercedes And Guanyu Zhou. It was obvious that the runway would be full.

As a line of riders was forming to enter the track, it was flow TV official F1 Mechanisms appear Alfa Romeo Tampering with a disassembled car. That was the image of Valtteri Bottas, who appeared in a jacket and without the slightest hint that he would be on the track any moment soon. In addition to Finnish, McLaren It announced that it was investigating an issue with Daniel Ricciardo’s car that would delay the start of his participation in FP2. He added that he still hopes to finish before the activity ends. Unlike the two, Carlos Sainz retrieved from Friday accident And I went to the track.

With the majority tested for medium tires, the red bull I decided to go off the track with softs right away. Sergio Perez He scored the first time, 1 minute 815 minutes, leaving Max Verstappen in second place. Alexander Albon, Pierre Gasly, Nicholas Latifi And Lando Norris It also looked soft. Previously Charles Leclerc I had average frames and they were about 2 seconds slower. You are in a racing simulator.

Today, which was already complicated for McLarenWell, it got worse. After a series of laps on the soft tires, the team warned that they had noticed a problem with Norris’ brake system and would need to look into it. So the team put the two cars in the garage for investigations.

Among many people ranging from red to medium tires, Yuki Tsunoda It was the only company that invested in the premium white rubber band for rigid vehicles. Except for mercedesAll other pilots participated in longer simulations.

Sergio Perez rode well in FP2 at Imola (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool)

In the moments before the clock strikes half a session, George Russell took first place for mercedes. Halfway to FP2, Russell Perez had, Lewis HamiltonVerstappen, Tsunoda, Albon, Gasly, Sainz, Zhou and Leclerc are in the top ten.

Not wanting to go back in time is not unusual. Since this last free practice on sprint weekends takes place after qualifying and there are only two races left, the work tends to be geared toward longer runs.

After longer simulations, he fell silent on the track to understand the cars’ response. With 20 minutes to go, little happened until Ferrari brought back Leclerc with a slightly lighter car. Right off the bat, pilot Ferrari It jumped to second place overall. Then Perez returned from his middleweight to second place. Even these changes at the front were timid, with the cars clearly not at the limit.

Fifth place Fernando Alonso He appeared with the best first sector of the course. The two-time champion also starts fifth in the sprint, so he has increasingly positioned himself as a name to reckon with for the remainder of the weekend.

Less than ten minutes to go and neither Bottas nor Ricardo or Norris. The Englishman was able to get out two minutes before he was to go and do just one prep. Meanwhile, Russell was pulling back into the pit: If he’s going to drive, it’ll be with the lap he’s already got. And it was.

F1 2022Emilia Romagna GP, imolaTL2:

1 J. Russell mercedes 1:19,457 32
two S Perez red bull 1: 19538 +0.081.001 33
3 C Leclerc Ferrari 1: 19740 +0.283 35
4 Hamilton mercedes 1: 19992 +0.535.0000 34
5 and Alonso Alps 1:20,174 +0717 29
6 Sea Signs Ferrari 1:20258 +0.801 31
7 M Verstappen red bull 1:20,371 +0914 36
8 Wai Tsunoda AlphaTauri Honda 1:20381 +0.924 35
9 P flirtatious AlphaTauri Honda 1:20439 +0.982.0000.00 37
10 G ZHOU Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1:20498 +1,041 32
11 Albon Williams Mercedes 1:20591 +1134 34
12 K MAGNUSEN Haas Ferrari 1: 20740 +1,283 30
13 Schumacher mother Haas Ferrari 1: 20977 +1.520 29
14 L STROL Aston Martin Mercedes 1:21,149 +1,692 38
15th S VETTEL Aston Martin Mercedes 1: 21155 +1,698 38
16 and Okon Alps 1: 21179 +1.722 30
17 N Latify Williams Mercedes 1:21,263 +1806 31
18 Norris McLaren Mercedes 1: 23821 +4364 6
19 Drinkcard McLaren Mercedes
20 V . shoes Alfa Romeo Ferrari
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