May 28, 2024

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United States to crack down on illegal payments in cryptocurrencies, 'WSJ' - International Information

Russia-Ukraine – UK considers’ all op’s healthy if it invades internationally

The United Kingdom is considering “all options” in response to Russia’s possible occupation of Ukraine.

“When the UK wanted to send clear messages and achieve clear goals, we were ready to use sanctions,” Truss told reporters at the G7 ministerial meeting. “We are considering all options.”

Truss also said that the world’s largest economies were united in warning Russia that the invasion of Ukraine would have “massive” consequences – though not largely revealed.

During the talks in Liverpool, United Kingdom, the intensification of Russia’s military presence near the Ukrainian border was the main topic of discussion among G7 foreign ministers.

The United States and its NATO and G7 allies fear that the movement of Russian troops and weapons across the border could be the start of an invasion, promising to impose tough sanctions on the Russian economy if that happens.

Moscow denies plans to attack Ukraine and Kiev accuses its own plans of aggression.

Discussing the crisis with US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen and other G7 diplomats, Truss said the group was sending “a powerful signal to our adversaries and allies.” “We have made it clear that Russian incursions into Ukraine will have far-reaching consequences and will incur serious costs,” he said.

However, the United States and its allies have underestimated the talk of a military response, focusing on tougher sanctions affecting the Russian economy rather than individuals.

In the United States, reporters on Saturday asked President Joe Biden about the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine, and he said the idea had never been considered.

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China’s expansion efforts in the Indo – Pacific region and the nuclear deal with Iran were on the agenda of the weekend meeting.

It is often difficult to get a unified response from the G7, a group of countries with different interests.

Germany plans to get gas from Russia soon through the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline that bypasses Ukraine. The UK, which is not dependent on Russian gas, generally takes a tough stance – but London’s financial district and real estate market face tough questions about hubs for Russian money.

UK finance and banking officials have long been criticized for being blind to false profits, but Truss stressed that the country has “very strong anti-corruption and anti-money laundering rules”.

The G7 countries are also particularly concerned about China’s growing economic and technological dominance in developing countries. The G7 launched the “Creating a Better World” initiative to finance developing countries that want to carry out large-scale infrastructure projects, often with restrictions, as an alternative to China’s money. The G7 “is concerned about China’s compulsory economic policies,” Truss said. (With international companies)