October 1, 2023

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Saini sees the tricolor as superior in Choque-Rei and criticizes the doctor for the opponent’s goal

Coach Rogerio Ceni left satisfied with Sao Paulo’s performance, despite Defeat against Palmeiras, in Morumbi, for the Paulista Championship. After the match, the tricolor captain praised his team’s behavior against the current Libertadores champion twice, but he did not lose his critical tone and shared the responsibility for the setback, even with one of the club’s doctors, Dr. Thaddeus Moreno.

“I think it was a good match, Palmeiras was better at the start and I think we had Diego’s misfortune [Costa] Took that big shot in the face, having to leave the field, and at that time, when going into the wrong side of the field, the doctor should point him to the left of the field, since he works there, it was a bit of an attention on the part of the doctor who should be on aware of that. “But at that moment, with a goal less, we took the goal from Palmeiras, which was better,” Ceni said.

After Rooney’s goal, in the 9th minute, Sao Paulo had to leave for the match and took advantage of Palmeiras’ more cautious position to win the field and give Weverton work some plays, especially in the second half, when the team came back. More sharply in the grass.

“I think Sao Paulo was superior in the rest of the match, they had their chances, the ball in the post, good defenses from Weverton. I see we played a good game, we have to take a lot of positive things from this match, we are sorry for the result at home, the defeat In the classics is always bad, but the behavior of the team is noteworthy. He had chances, he did not succeed. We conceded quite a few counterattacks, against a good team on the counterattack, with fast players. It is a shame that we did not, at least, achieve that goal. Who will give a tie,” he continued.

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Rogerio Ceni also made a comparison of the classics against Corinthians, last weekend, and against Palmeiras, this Thursday. The Sao Paulo coach promoted one change in his team from one match to the next, although the opponents had different methods, and despite the result he was relatively successful in his strategy.

We tried to play a similar match against Corinthians, despite the different characteristics of the opponent. Our team was very similar to the team we played against Corinthians. What stopped us is the departure of Diego [Costa]. When he ran out, Pablo retracted to the position. Rooney had room to cross, Arboleda tried to keep up, and there was still misfortune for the ball that hit Volpi’s back and went in. Hopefully we score a goal and then play. It is possible to play against Palmeiras, against Corinthians. We try to play to win the game until the last minute. He concluded that even with not a single player, São Paulo was not dominated by Palmeiras.”

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