December 2, 2023

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Santander misappropriates 15 155 million in duplicate payments in the UK - Observer

Santander misappropriates 15 155 million in duplicate payments in the UK – Observer

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Santander Bank in the UK misappropriated ,000 130 million – about 5 155 million – for 75,000 people on Christmas Day.

The mistake was made by about two thousand companies associated with Santander. The bank paid workers working in these companies twice as much, As well as suppliers of many of these businesses.

Money Double shipped and withdrawnAccording to the Times, Directly from bank balances, Although this does not affect Santander users.

To make the situation worse, Many of the employees of the paid companies have joined other banks, So the amount could not be recovered immediately.

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Santander has asked banks such as Barclays, HSBC, NatWest or Virgin Money to streamline the process of withdrawing 5 155 million. Also, the Spanish bank speaks directly to some customers and withdraws money.

Although in theory banks can withdraw money from their subsidiaries, now there is concern about the possibility Many have already spent “extra” income Or led to think that They were in a better financial position than they really were.

As a result of the event, none of our customers went bankrupt and we are streamlining the process of recovering duplicate transactions, “said a Sandander spokesman.

“Copy payments were a result Planning error, we found and fixed quickly. The amount and reason for payment will vary from customer to customer, and from salary to payment to suppliers, ”the same source explains.

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