May 16, 2022

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Santos and Nicao loom and show why they are idols and put Atletico into the Sud Americana final |  Atletico PR

Santos and Nicao loom and show why they are idols and put Atletico into the Sud Americana final | Atletico PR

Led by Santos and Nicao Atletico beat Peñarol 2-0, applied 4-1 on aggregate and secured a place in the Copa Sudamericana decision. The goalkeeper saved a penalty, and the attacking midfielder scored the first red and black goal – and Pedro Rocha added it in the end.

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Santos [GOL]: Penarol had the opportunity to equalize even in the first half, which could complicate the situation of black and red. But Santos stopped in the middle of the goal and saved the penalty kick from Sibillini. The first shirt was already crucial against Junior Barranquilla in the 2018 Sudamericana and against Flamengo and Gremio in the 2019 Copa Brasil, to name a few. More and more idol. Note 9.0.

nicao [ATA]: He was united among the club’s biggest idols. He doesn’t need to prove anything else, but… he proves it in every match. He opened the scoring with a corner kick and helped Pedro Rocha make it 2-0, isolating himself (more) as Atletico’s top scorer in the Sud Americana. There are now eight goals in South American history. Pablo, the deputy scorer, has five. Note 9.0.

Richard [VOL]: Santos and Nicao will both make headlines and be praised by the press and fans, it’s normal. But Richard’s performance did not fall short. exactly the contrary. Shirt number 25 carried the piano in the middle, covered all corners of the field, helped out the ball, distributed the match, and came out on top… flawless. One of Richard’s best matches for the club – if not the best. Note 8.5.

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  • Santos [GOL]: 9,0
  • Pedro Henrique [ZAG]: 6,5
  • Thiago Heleno [ZAG]: 7,0
  • Evaldo’s outfit [ZAG]: 6,5
  • (Nicholas [LAE]: no note)
  • Marino [LAD]: 6,0
  • Richard [VOL]: 8.5
  • (Lucas Fasson [ZAG]: no note)
  • Eric [VOL]: 6,0
  • (Leo Citadines [VOL]: 6,5)
  • Abner [LAE]: 6,5
  • terrance [ATA]: 7,5
  • (Pedro Rocha [ATA]: 7,5)
  • nicao [ATA]: 9,0
  • bisol [ATA]: 7,5
  • (Renato Kaiser [ATA]: 6,0)

The Sudamericana Final will be played in a single match. Atlético’s match against Bragantino is scheduled for November 20, on Saturday, at Estádio Centenário, in Montevideo.

The hurricane is now turning its attention to the Brazilian championship. Paolo Autori will face Flamengo on Sunday, 4pm, in the Maracana, for the 27th round (Check out the red and black agenda below).

Athletico-PR next matches

  • Flamengo x Athletic: 10/3, Sunday, 4 p.m. – Maracana
  • Atlético Go x Atlético: 06/10, Wednesday, 7 p.m. – Antonio Accoli
  • Atletico x Bahia: 09/10, Saturday, 7 p.m. – Low
  • Chapecoense x Atletico: The day and time to be determined – Arena Kunda
  • Athletic x Fluminense: Day and time to set – download