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Santos scored three goals in 45 minutes and qualifies for the Sao Paulo Juniors Cup – 01/12/2022

Santos scored three goals in 45 minutes and qualifies for the Sao Paulo Juniors Cup – 01/12/2022

Just in need of a break, Santos beat Chabadina, of Maranhão, 3-0, and advanced to the third stage of the Copa Sao Paulo 2022. Even before the break, the rankings were guided by goals from Jonathan, Ruan and Patate. In the final stage, the team managed to achieve only the result and took advantage of the break to rest its key players.

This was the fourth victory for Santos of the four commitments already made at Kopina. So far, the team has scored ten goals and conceded only one. In the next stage, the opponent will be Ferroviária (earlier, the Sao Paulo team tied 1 to 1 with Nova Iguaçu and went on penalties 5 to 3). It should be noted that the two teams had already faced each other in the group stage, and the duel ended with Santos winning 2-0.

The fish dominate the game

Dominating from the start, Santos opened the scoring early with Jonathan. The number 5 shirt stole the ball at the entrance to the penalty area and was fortunate to see his shot veering into Chapdenha’s defense and killing the goalkeeper. In the first half, Rowan completed the delivery of Jonathan under the crossbar and scored the second goal. In injury time, Vitor bounced back from Lucas Pires’ cross, and Patate had the task of pushing it into the net only.

Chaddenha suffering in the exits

Realizing Santos’ favouritism, Maranhão’s side tried to get into the match, but at the same time were worried about not conceding more goals. The main difficulty was the exit of the ball, which generated the first goal for Santos. It is remarkable that the team improved even after leaking and creating some chances in the dead ball, but it suffered again when Santos resumed its rhythm and did not give chances to the opponent.

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Cool the second time, and Peixe only manages the result

About 20 minutes before the start of the second half, coach Elder Campos had already started his fourth move with Santos. This was the scenario for the last 45 minutes, with Peixe rotating the team and already considering the next date. And when Santos was forced to play, he started threatening again, even scoring the fourth goal that the referee canceled. Chapdinha, despite his bravery, faced his limits and finished the match without even scoring his honorable goal.