May 26, 2024

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Santos vs Ciara: VAR audio shows why Leo Baptistao goal was disallowed |  saints

Santos vs Ciara: VAR audio shows why Leo Baptistao goal was disallowed | saints

According to Central do Apito, Two VAR calls are not necessary.

Referee Savio Pereira Sampaio approved Leo Baptistao’s goal in the 11th minute of the second half, but then, with the help of video, a foul was made by Johan Julio on Ze Roberto at the start of the transfer. However, he only sees a closed image and dispenses with the help of VAR to determine whether saints Was or was not in the so-called “attack phase”.

Once the play has taken place on the field, the VAR referees consider the play clean, but then ask for a review. The video judge was led by Leon Carvalho Rocha (GO).

– I recommend reviewing for possible deficiency, and for you to analyze the attack phase.

VAR analyzes Santos’ disallowed goal against Ciara – Image: Reproduction

The review takes less than 30 seconds, and Sávio concludes:

– excellent. Pulled, pulled!

When asked if he would like to see the picture open, to understand whether saints Was or wasn’t already in the attack phase, Savio replies:

– No, no, no, calm down.

In Central do Apito, commentator Paulo Cesar de Oliveira disagreed with the images used.

– Roberto’s costume also pulls Julio’s shirt off, then ends up putting it back. Then there is the handball of the player saints, but it’s a supportive hand, he’s arguing at the ball and supporting himself. Then there is a dispute between Richard and the player from saints, still, after which the attack phase begins. Paulo Cesar de Oliveira said that due to the referee’s proximity to the play, the VAR technology failed to show the complete construction of the stage.

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Minutes later, the referee was called again for the VAR to analyze the dispute between Richard, of Ciara, and Gauguin Julio, of Ciara. saints. Video players recommend checking out the Red Card app.

VAR’s voice explains Richard’s expulsion in the Santos vs. Ciara match

– Her arm pulls the face out of the row. I want to see if he has facial contact.

Savio Pereira Sampaio agrees that:

The arm makes disagreement and reaches the face.

Soon, he applied the red card to Richard, which caused complaints from Ciara’s players.

"Another referee error for Santos"Isabelle says |  crowd sound

“Another mistake made by the referee in favor of Santos,” says Isabel | crowd sound

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