October 4, 2023

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Sao Paulo clings to Anthony to hit the goal and avoid exit |  Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo clings to Anthony to hit the goal and avoid exit | Sao Paulo

The Sao Paulo Antonio, the striker who left the club two seasons ago, sees an opportunity to avoid a stampede of young promises from Rogerio Ceni’s side in the next transfer window, in the middle of the year.

The Morumbi FC has the right to obtain a possible sale tranche of the playertoday in Ajax, which is currently one of the most valuable assets.

Anthony plays in the Brazilian team’s match against Chile – Photo: Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF

In the deal to sell Anthony to the Dutch, for 16 million euros, a Sao Paulo I got 20% of what is called “value added”. Practically speaking, Ajax won on the next conversion.

In Amsterdam, Anthony gained even greater fame, and Tite called him into the national team – he has a chance to go to the World Cup, in November – and he became an object of speculation in the European market.

One of them, that Manchester United, whose current Ajax coach Erich Ten Hag will be on the bench, could pay €60m By the player (316 million Brazilian riyals). In such a scenario, the Sao Paulo It may reach 8.8 million euros (46 million Brazilian riyals).

It’s a value that practically corresponds to a third (32%) of the R$142 million target estimated in the club’s budget from revenue from the athletes’ economic rights negotiations for 2022.

The council considers the athletes trained in Kutia to be the most valuable in the team and, accordingly, those who can achieve higher returns in negotiations with foreign teams.

Rogerio Ceni watches Rodrigo Nestor in Sao Paulo training – Photo: Sao Paulo FC

However, they are players who form the backbone of the Ceni team, such as Diego Costa, Wellington, Pablo Maya, Rodrigo Nestor, Gabriel Sara and Igor Gomez.

this week, The club is likely to complete the sale of Marquinhos19, for €3.5 million (about R$18 million) – a value considered low, but satisfactory Sao Paulofearing that the athlete would lose for free in July due to errors in his contract in 2019.

There is also, according to General Electrictwo surveys by athletes trained in Sao Paulo Which has not yet developed into negotiations, but that gave hope to the Board of Directors for more expressive returns. Player names are kept confidential.

In the Sao PauloMidfielder Rodrigo Nestor is seen as the player with the biggest potential sales.

Recently, the club renewed the contract of Diego Costa, another player who stood out in the team, giving him more strength in future negotiations – and now, he is trying the same with Igor Gomez, but to no avail.

But Sarah sustained an ankle injury and required surgery earlier this month, which is supposed to keep him off the field for about four months and also reduce the interest of foreign clubs.

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