June 12, 2024

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SC resident receives Covid vaccine after confusion in SUS registry by homonym;  "I am happy!"  , says |  Santa Catarina

SC resident receives Covid vaccine after confusion in SUS registry by homonym; “I am happy!” , says | Santa Catarina

Júlio César da Conceição, 32, was able to establish that the Internal Revenue Service registered two homogeneous individuals with the same number on the Individual Taxpayer Register (CPF). That is why the inhabitant of Santa Catarina appeared in the SUS system. It was also vaccinated in Paraíba.

“It was a lot of emotion for me to get vaccinated. It’s something I’ve been waiting for since day one of quarantine. I said, ‘I’ll get vaccinated soon.'” I will go get it. “I am happy!” Julio Cesar says.

A resident of SC received the first dose of the vaccine against Covid – Photo: NSC TV / Reprodução

after, after Civilian police investigationsThe Internal Revenue Service was notified and the Balneário Camboriú Health Department released the vaccine for the men.

Júlio César claims he has filed a lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service and is still waiting for a change in the system, as one of them would need to issue a new CPF. In addition to document duplication, Both men were born in São Paulo and their mothers’ names are the same.

A resident of SC celebrates immunization against Covid – Photo: NSC TV / Reprodução

According to the delegate Ricardo Sina, the inhabitant of Arara was located and listened to. Submit the original documents such as RG, CPF, birth certificate, and driver’s license.

Coincidence with the inhabitant of Santa Catarina is proven. However, there is a difference regarding the father’s name, date of birth and RG number.

“It’s a ridiculous mistake,” said the delegate. “There are two people with the same CPF and the same mother’s name and they are both from São Paulo.”

Paraíba police concluded that Santa Catarina was not the victim of a coup

According to Arara city attorney, Evandro Trindade, the coincidence is the result of a mistake by the Internal Revenue Service, as the inhabitant of the place has more than one last name and is older than the inhabitant of the place Camboriu Resort.

“There was no forgery of documents by him [morador de Paraíba] Not even the use of false documents. The irresponsibility came from the Federal Revenue Service that provided the CPF for two people.”

Júlio César da Conceição – Photo: Reproduction / NSC TV

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