June 21, 2024

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Senate wants to hear from ANS chief on readjustment of health plans

Senate wants to hear from ANS chief on readjustment of health plans

Transparency, Governance, Inspection, Control and Consumer Protection Committee of the Arab Republic of Egypt Senate This Tuesday (21) approved a request for a public hearing with the Director of the National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS), Paolo Rebelo, so that he could explain 15.5% readjustment in individual and family health planswhich was authorized by the entity last month.

There is not yet a fixed date for the Rebello Fellowship. According to the approved request, the increase in HMO prices amid high unemployment rates in the country and a new wave of coronavirus infections is unfair.

“There is really no better scenario that would justify this charge of a punitive nature. Now, when everyone needs to provide health services more than ever, no one will end up receiving such services. More in line with the constitutional principle that consumer protection And the most vulnerable party dynamics in contracts is the thinking not to enforce these values.”

“Health plans will immediately put this humiliating increase in monthly fees into practice. And that without there being, as yet, any real prospect of improving the economic scenario and employment prospects in Brazil. On the contrary: we are seeing a clear increase in cases of Covid-19 closure of many action points, and many uncertainties regarding economic recovery, given the underlying health risks that remain,” adds the request.

15.5% re-adjustment provided by ANS It was the biggest increase allowed by the agency since the start of the historical seriesin 2000. Applies to plans contracted from January 1999 onwards. The operator can apply the amendment from the anniversary date of the contract, that is, in the month in which the plan was contracted.

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The increased percentage is the maximum valid for the period between May 2022 and April 2023 for contracts with approximately 8 million beneficiaries, which represents 16.3% of healthcare plan consumers in Brazil.