June 24, 2024

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Simon celebrates his daughter's birthday in the United States

Simon celebrates his daughter’s birthday in the United States

Simon shows up at the hit Surprise Party in the US to celebrate his daughter’s birthday

Singer Simon And their youngest daughter, Jaya, one year old, won a pretty surprise party in Orlando, USA. Keep in mind that the little one turns one year old on February 22 this year. The family celebrated their first anniversary with a beautiful dream party in Sao Paulo.

However, for friends and family who could not attend the “official” banquet, the mother and daughter were surprised by a complete banquet at the famed mansion in the American city. The event was organized by producer Rodrigo Franco to the last detail, with the help of chef Carlotta and decorator Amanda Lima.

A one-year American celebration of the youngest Simon Theme “Zoe’s Circus”. Every detail was thought out minute by minute. A large decorative panel, colored balloons in pastel tones. The main table featured cakes, desserts, fruit and skewers with marshmallows.

On the more delicious menu, set up a large table with cold cuts, snacks and mini hamburgers. On this occasion, the couple from Simaria posted everything on their profile on a social network, delighted with such affection. In addition to the buffet and decoration, the party was recorded by photographer Nicole Amboni. Decorated desserts and garnish cake Alice Simos, and desserts and cakes at the Bedasos Bakery Amore. The party also featured Alin Klinge, a member of the Thea Lilica party.

“There was a beautiful party going on for Zoe, and Rodrigo prepared everything. Very rich [a festa], Thought it would be something simple. They shook it, the decoration is beautiful, ”he said. Simon. Everyone responsible for every detail of the party and his friend Rodrigo, who is an advertising and marketing consultant in the United States, used the social network to think of everything.

Instagram Reproduction Simon shows details of his daughter’s party in the United States

Simon poses with his family at a baby shower in the United States

Instagram Reproduction Simon poses with children, husband and friend at Jaya’s amazing American party

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