February 29, 2024

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Stop promoting yourself behind PSG's back

Stop promoting yourself behind PSG’s back

Leonardo came to the defense of strikers Neymar and Messi also argued in favor of coach Mauricio Pochettino’s work at PSG.

In an interview with the newspaper ParisianHe is known to be highly critical Paris Saint-GermainThe sporting director of the national team in the French capital, LeonardoHe raised the tone and made strong statements.

The Brazilian went out to defend the attackers Neymar NS Messi, which was repeatedly blown up by the publication, as he argued in favor of his artwork Mauricio Pochettino.

Paris Saint-Germain returns to the pitch for the French Championship on Saturday (6), at 17:00 (GMT), against Bordeaux, with a transfer. By ESPN on Star +

To put it in context, the interview was conducted right after Al-Awda won 2-1 last Friday night in the French Championship.

At that time, Paris suffered a lot on the field and remained behind on the scoreboard until the last minutes, when he managed to achieve the victory with two moves for the Argentine. Angel Di Maria.

See Leonardo’s keynotes:

Stop promoting yourself behind PSG’s back

“Obviously we have things to improve. It’s normal, because you have to look at the number of new players that have arrived, the important changes that have been made, the injuries, the travel to play for the national teams, the time of adaptation, to understand how the team plays… We are not in The stage we want yet, but the team is working hard to get there. What I don’t like is the way we are judged, the great coaches and players who arrived this year for free.. I do not understand why. We accept (cash) because we know we are not doing a good job. But there are ways and ways (of criticism).”

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“The way (criticisms) bother me. You can say we’re not playing well, but you can’t overstate it. You can’t say, for example, that our coach doesn’t understand football or that our players are class 0. I’ll always try to stay calm, but people want to promote themselves when they talk about PSG. Anyone can criticize or say they don’t like the way the team plays. But don’t promote yourself behind our backs. Even if we don’t play the way we want to, today we have 10 wins, one draw and one defeat in the French championship and we are 10 points ahead of everyone. in a Champions LeagueWe have 7 points, with two wins and one draw.

“It’s okay to be picky. I just complain about the way that ( .) Parisian Demands). That’s right, we didn’t play well against Lille and we know that. But you cannot reduce our willpower. Beating Lille, who played a great match, is not easy. We were late on the scoreboard and we won. The same against Angers. Same thing with Lyon. That’s why we are in first place. It’s not a coincidence

Messi’s bad stage

“Messi has arrived at Paris Saint-Germain, and with this set of FIFA dates we have, He spent more of his first two months outside France than he did in Paris. When you travel a lot, it makes sense that you feel muscle discomfort. Same thing with Neymar. […] I’m not worried (about Messi), because I see everything that happens every day here. Sometimes people pretend they don’t know anything, but the truth is, we all know what’s going on. If there is something wrong with the guys, we talk to them directly. It has always been and always will be.”

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Criticizing Neymar unfairly

“I think (French media’s criticism of Neymar) is unfair. Today (against Lille) he played a great match in terms of size and even defense. Of course there are still things to adjust. But if a player who lives in the middle of the party, like I said, couldn’t play that way for 90 minutes, that would be impossible.. And I’m not just talking about Neymar, Messi or Mbappe, but your general view of PSG. Stay calm, sometimes it’s too much. Some need to stop trying to promote themselves behind PSG’s back

Pochettino needs time

“The coach has so many criticisms. She tries to make it sound like a guy who doesn’t know anything (about football). When Pochettino arrived, they said thattop 5The world, now does not understand anything. […] It takes time. Everyone needs time. At PSG, charging is normal, because we are in a hurry. We don’t want to wait six years to play well. With the team we have, we want to win something this year for sure. I’m not saying we will succeed, but we have the paths. We have a great coach and a great staff and we are progressing towards our goals.”