October 2, 2023

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Study promises new approach to adolescent stress

Study promises new approach to adolescent stress

a Stress It is one of the biggest public health problems worldwide. On the other hand, a study pointed to a new perspective on the usefulness symptoms The effects of stressful situations. So, today we have compiled the key information for you to know How to deal with teenage stress.

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Valuable advice for dealing with stress

Find out all about the theory that promises to revolutionize the concept of stress.

A new concept about ‘growth mindset’

The concept of a growth mindset says that your intelligence and skills can be developed over time. A new study of teens suggests a new explanation for the physical and psychological signs of stress.

According to experts, evidence has shown that stress can be seen as an opportunity for growth. Knowing how to interpret physiological and psychological responses to an event can allow individuals to improve in adverse situations.

In this study, the approach was based on a 30-minute online training. The goal was to encourage a growth mindset, in unexpected situations, and to analyze events that occurred in response to the resulting stress.

Training benefits

About 14% of students who participated in the training were more likely to be approved at the end of the school year. A test also found that teens who participated in the training had lower levels of anxiety after a few months.

Improving stress in teens

The main purpose of the study is to encourage a new perception of tension among young people from three very important aspects. The first relates to the realization of a growth mindset, the second to the concept that skills and abilities can be acquired, and finally the view that physiological responses to stress can be beneficial.

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For now, stress is clearly one of the century’s greatest challenges to overcome. Thus, scientists and specialists are looking for alternatives to improve and help young people deal with their challenges and improve their quality of life.