July 19, 2024

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Surmani surprised and scored the result of the Flamengo match against Sao Paulo

Surmani surprised and scored the result of the Flamengo match against Sao Paulo

Credit: Disclosure / ESPN

This Sunday, Flamengo and Sao Paulo face each other at 16:00 (Brazilian time), at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro. During ESPN’s ESPN Futebol 90, commentator Fábio Sormani left his guesswork at the confrontation between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

According to Surmani, Sao Paulo will beat Robro Negro by 2-1.

flamingo to embezzle

According to journalist Kahi Motta, Bruno Henrique is out of the game. In the match against Talleres, for the Libertadores da America, the striker suffered a knee shock and will have tests on Friday to see how serious the problem is.

In addition to Bruno Henrique, the Red Lions will have three more injuries: right-back Matizinho, who had an injury to his left thigh, and defenders Fabricio Bruno and Gustavo Henrique, who were also handed over to the medical department. On the other hand, there are good predictions about Pablo.

Just like Rodrigo Caillou, who has been involved in the activities, but still has no expectation of returning to the pitch. Alternate ball activities with your teammates and individual physical supplements.

The potential flamingo lineup is as follows: saintsWillian Arau, David Luiz and Philippe Lewis; Rodini, Joao Gomez, Andreas Pereira (Tiago Maya) and Lazaro; Everton Ribeiro and Arascaeta; Jibril.

After the Libertadores match, Everton midfielder Ribeiro showed confidence in Paulo Sousa’s work. For him, there is a twist.

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– This is with the passage of time and we have become better and better. We still have a full championship, important matches and we have everything to have a great year. Team dynamics eventually change. The master has been doing this since he arrived and we are more used to it, we know a little better what to do, and where our partner will be, and this makes it so much easier, it speeds up the process even to play without looking.

Sao Paulo full force in rio

After rescuing the Sudamericana hosts, Rogério Ceni must send his key players onto the field. Gabriel Sarah and Rodrigo Nestor, the last athletes to be in the medical department, have been released