May 25, 2024

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Suspension of dengue diagnostic tests in public and private networks in Brusk

Suspension of dengue diagnostic tests in public and private networks in Brusk

The Central Laboratory of Public Health (Lacen-SC) is short of a reagent for testing for dengue cases.

This way, the Public Health Network no longer runs tests to confirm disease. The same problem occurs on the private network, from which reports have come that it is no longer possible to run tests.

The absence of tests as a mandatory criterion for diagnosing dengue follows the directives passed on to municipalities by the State Epidemiological Surveillance.

Brusque’s Director of Health Surveillance, Ariane Fischer, explains that since April 12, the Epidemiological Surveillance Directorate of Santa Catarina (Dive-SC) has recognized dengue diagnoses in municipalities with proven transmission, such as In in Brusque’s case, this should be done without the need for a screening , based on signs and symptoms only.

“In cases of continuous transmission in a particular area, with an increase in the number of cases detected for two consecutive weeks, the clinical-epidemiological criterion is adopted to confirm cases, with no laboratory confirmation necessary. In these cases, 10% of suspected cases are collected for virological surveillance”, as It was stated in Dive’s note.

The memo also notes that samples must still be sent to Lacen in the following cases:

– suspected cases in municipalities where transmission of the disease has not been proven;

Cases in pregnant women.

– Dengue cases with alarm signals regardless of the dispatch scenario;

severe dengue cases regardless of the transmission scenario;

Suspicious deaths

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