June 22, 2024

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Talia has a hard time in the United States and has a flooded mansion

Talia, The singer, released pictures of her mansion United States, There was heavy rain. With the house in danger, the celebrities were still playing with the situation.

God, people, my house is flooded! Look at that, look, God! It hurts me guys “He said, really laughing.

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At another moment, the Latin singer wondered what had happened. “I do not believe it! I came to rest a little, because it was a serious night. Everything is under God’s control.”, Commented.

At age 50, Talia His bathing suit celebrated his birthday and attracted thousands of fans. Streaming platform Globophile Released the soap opera ‘Marimar’, The singer performed on their stage.

Talia shows the condition of the house. Photo (Instagram Reproduction / Who)

The actress went shopping for a party before the hurricane

Actress Thaila Ayala, Pregnant, she bought a lot of good things to store while waiting for the hurricane to stop, and she was warned about the event during the trip.

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Terrible rain

According to the G1 website, Northeast The United States Affected by heavy rains throughout the day. In all, 41 people have died, but that number is questionable. Sunday, the United States Suffered with Hurricane Ida.

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