June 23, 2024

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The camera captures the meteorite crossing the UK sky;  See - News

The camera captures the meteorite crossing the UK sky; See – News

Last Sunday (5) at about 22:47 (local time) a light meteor appeared in various parts of the UK.

Video released by the Soland Ship YouTube channel sharing footage recorded by drones and security cameras at the port of Southampton on the south coast of England shows the star crossing the sky (See below).

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The incident was also seen in the southeastern city of Hampshire and was captured directly by the dashboard camera of a police vehicle traveling on a highway. According to the local Hampshire live portal, “many” reported seeing the sky fly over the night sky.

According to the UK Meteorological Network and Scamp (the organization that captures meteorites and meteorite trajectories), two companies that monitor meteorites in the UK, early evidence indicates that the star fell into the ocean.

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A map of the initial trajectory shows that the star landed on the west coast of France before descending into the sea southwest of the two islands of the British Crown, Guernsey and Jersey, which are not part of England.

See below for the last moment of the sky above Southampton Harbor:

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