June 16, 2024

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The cornerstone of the new Unimed Litoral Hospital in Itajaí . has been launched

The cornerstone of the new Unimed Litoral Hospital in Itajaí . has been launched

Unimed Litoral was launched this Saturday, 17, at Rua João Bauer, 250, Centro de Itajaí, the cornerstone of a new high complexity hospital, expected to be partially operational from 2024 onwards and fully operational in 2026.

It will join two other hospitals the cooperative already owns to serve its clients in the area between Barra Velha and Bombinhas.

In a brief speech, Itajai Mayor, Fulni Morastoni, highlighted that the city will double its population by 2040, to reach 400,000, and that Unimed’s significant investment in a new hospital is in line with the current and future area, adding rehabilitation in health.

Subsequently, Dr. Eduardo Marques Brandao, who in 1985 led the creation of Unimed Litoral, noted that he was proud of the cooperative’s growth, with an emphasis on quality.

He highlighted colleagues present who helped him set up Unimed Litoral and, in a good mood, in front of a fleet of ambulances parked in the courtyard of the future hospital, noted that the first was obtained with money loaned by collaborating doctors.

Doctor Alberto Guglimmen Neto, President of the Unimed Confederation in Santa Catarina, emphasized in his speech that Unimed is a model that has multiplied in 54 years throughout Brazil, and is today the largest medical work cooperative in the world.

He emphasized that Santa Catarina is an example for the country, where there are 22 Unimed hospitals, 9 hospitals – which will be 13 hospitals in two years – and in this scenario it is Unimed Litoral that represents the largest development in the state, in terms of private resources.

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The union president reflected that all technology was useless when the pandemic came. It was the doctors, nurses, technicians and health personnel who put their lives at risk – and many died – to control the disease.

The President of Unimed Litoral, Dr. Umberto João D’Ávila, concluded by noting that the cornerstone, coming from raw nature, represented the goal of building the new hospital.

Dr. Umberto concluded his speech by saying, “At the moment we have nothing to celebrate, and the celebration will be when the first patient is examined, the first discharge is done, and the first surgery is performed.”

The new hospital

Investment: about 180 million Brazilian riyals.

Coverage area: Balneário Camboriú, Balneário Piçarras, Barra Velha, Bombinhas, Camboriú, Ilhota, Itajaí, Itapema, Luiz Alves, Navegantes, Penha, Porto Belo, São João do Itaperiú.

Phase One: To be completed in 2024, it includes the overall structure and operation of 40 medical offices. Oncology Clinic Diagnostic imaging center, emergency care for adults, emergency care for children.

Phase Two: Set to take place in 2026, with the activation of the building’s upper floors, which will house intensive care units, 20 operating rooms, 35 intensive care beds, more than 200 inpatient beds, and other services.

Pictured, left to right, is Dr. Claudio Werner, former president of Unimed Litoral; Judge Carlos Roberto Silva; Vice President of the Unimeds Federation of Santa Catarina, Dr. Sergio Malbourg Filho; President of the Unimeds Federation of Santa Catarina, Dr. Alberto Guglimine Neto; President of Unimed Litoral, Dr. Umberto João D’Ávila; The leader of the Unimed Litoral establishment, Dr. Eduardo Marques Brandão and the Mayor of Itajaí, Volnei Morastoni.

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