June 16, 2024

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The director of Mineiro comments on Betim Stadium: “A game of communication”

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The stadium will be inspired by the Arena da Baixada, of Atltico-PR, with a capacity of 45,000 spectators at the games.

Mineiro’s director, Samuel Lloyd said in an interview with SupersportsIt was announced, Wednesday (6) that the announcement of the municipality of Betim’s intention to build a stadium is a “great communication step”. Lloyd cautioned against the difficulty of making arena work viable and the risk of underutilization, as is happening elsewhere in Brazil, such as Arenas da Amazônia, Pernambuco and das Dunas, all built for the World Cup, but with few. events.

“I don’t have any information about the Arena de Betim. I thought it was a great communication move. The project is already there. It was already a ready-made project, in the drawer, and no one knew there was this project. So he took a tour, he’s a great communicator, he has a communications medium, Take a ride on a hot topic and surf,” he said.

“Whether the project will come out or not, if it goes to Cruzeiro, if it is good for Cruzeiro or not, I have no data in my hand that will allow me to evaluate it. And after it is ready, run this arena. How many idle arenas do we have in Brazil and in cities the big one?

Betim City Council sent an offer to Sea trip, on the 23rd, for the partnership to manage the stadium that can be built in the municipality of the metropolitan area of ​​Belo Horizonte. The stadium will be inspired by the Arena da Baixada, in Atltico-PR, with a capacity of 45,000 fans for games and 52,000 people for concerts. According to the city council, the stadium will only be viable as a space for events and entertainment.

public private partnership

For construction, the funds will come from a public-private partnership worth R$450 million. The municipality of Betim said it had already received businessmen to talk about the project. A multinational group, whose name has not been revealed, would have liked what was discussed with the city council. The stadium area is close to Partage Mall, at the entrance to the city for the driver coming from Belo Horizonte. According to the city council, the site has no impediment to starting works.

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Samuel Lloyd questioned a public-private company without making an offer. “Based on your question and the words you used. We’re talking about the PPP, aren’t we? You said he (Mayor Vittorio Medioli) offered to have the City Hall have a peer and Cruzeiro to join in as a partner. And back here on a republican case, Brazilian law, public-private partnership, People, bids. No government can choose a private company to run any public business without bidding. Nothing.”

“And we have very little knowledge about this in Brazil, and it’s ridiculous. It’s for the greater good, for all citizens. And not because Company A or B just doesn’t have millions of people supporting it, where it can simply take a benefit General, “This does not exist. This is Venezuela. There were people like Venezuela who got really angry with me, sorry to everyone who loves Venezuela.”