June 16, 2024

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The doctor is excluded after discussing the matter with the nurse during the service

The doctor is excluded after discussing the matter with the nurse during the service

The discussion between professionals saw patients admitted to the health unit

In a video recorded at dawn on Sunday (29), a doctor and a nurse discuss in the presence of patients inside the Cosme Silva sanatorium, located in the district of Pintolandia, west of Boa Vista.

In the video it is not clear the reason for the discussion, but in the audio recording the nurse says “I will play in groups”, and the doctor replies: “You can film my behavior and put it in place” Press??.

The discussion continues between the two and the nurse says, “Don’t touch me,” the doctor replies, “I’m not touching you.” good understanding?

The nurse asks:?? What, why are you yelling at me?? A nurse arrives and pulls the nurse by the coat. The doctor says: ???????????????????????????????????? Put yourself in your shoes. what are you thinking about? I’m the doctor here??

SESAU ?? In this case, Sisao (Secretary of State for Health) sent the following note to Fulha. Check it out in full:

The Health Department reported that the aforementioned fact had been verified with the unit’s management. He maintains that the doctor has been removed and that the administration will listen to the two professionals.

Sesau reiterates that it does not condone any kind of inappropriate behavior which does not respect the rules of public administration, during professional activities, and always promotes the importance of professional ethics and good service delivery among the employees.

In this sense, it directs the whole team to maintain good working relations in the practice of general activity.

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