December 3, 2023

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The Inter-Departmental Committee in Bahia recommends the immediate resumption of the vaccination of adolescents against Covid-19

The 417 municipalities in Bahia must immediately resume vaccinating adolescents aged 12-17 against Covid-19, regardless of whether they have comorbidities or permanent disabilities. The decision of the Bahia Committee of Internal Directors, a deliberative example of SUS and bringing together representatives from all Bahia municipalities and the state, was taken on Friday morning (17).

This procedure is supported by scientific evidence and data from many national and international entities, including the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa). “The Ministry of Health implemented unilateral decisions without technical and scientific support. Other than the ministerial position, Bahia has brought together specialists, such as the president of the Bahia Society of Infectology, Miralba Freire, as well as the director of the Brazilian Society of Infectology, Antonio Bandera. Both refute the Ministry of Health’s initiative to suspend the vaccination of adolescents without comorbidities or permanent disabilities,” confirms Theresa Baim, Baheya’s Acting Minister of Health.

Other entities, such as the National Council of Municipal Health Trustees (KUNAS) and the National Council of Municipal Health Trustees (CONASEMS), opposed the decision of the Ministry of Health.

As of Friday, Baheya has vaccinated 129,284 adolescent girls aged 12-17, with 109,704 adolescent girls without comorbidities, 16,437 with comorbidities, 1,856 with permanent disabilities, and 1,287 pregnant and postpartum adolescent girls.

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