September 28, 2023

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The Liverpool CEO attacked the French government again after the chaos

The Liverpool CEO attacked the French government again after the chaos

Billy Hogan, the current CEO of Liverpool, has responded to comments by French Minister Gerald Dormann. He blamed the England team for this In front Confusion at the gates of the State de FranceThe final stage Champions League Between red and Real Madrid.

In a statement to the club’s official website, the manager was “incredibly surprised” by a local official’s statement amid a lack of inquiries into the chaos, which postponed the final whistle of the match for more than 30 minutes. Spain won 1-0.

“Given that we do not have enough time to understand what happened, I can say that I am incredibly glad that someone in that position commented at this point.”

“There is not an independent investigation to establish all the facts. As we said on Saturday, there should be an independent and transparent investigation into what happened in the match. This is the beginning of the process. The investigation is about to begin. It is completely irrelevant,” Hogan continued.

The administrator injected again While criticizing Thurman’s “deeply useless comments” on the matter, he reiterated his demand that the facts be properly investigated.

Finally, Hogan said fans involved in the chaos could leave their statements to Liverpool through a form that would be sent to French authorities.

“People have a form to upload up to five photos and if there is a video it has the opportunity to show it throughout the process. All the information is handled safely and respectfully in the club. It is very important that we have all of this in one place. The information can be used properly in the inquiry. I encourage. “

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Gas, Invasion and Game Adjournment

Pre-match 2021/22 Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid Marked by many chaos, fights and invasions of fans without tickets To the State de France.

Various problems off the field led to a delay in the UEFA match, which started at 16:35 (Brasilia time) 35 minutes late, after much uncertainty.

Report of UOL Pepper spray and attacked on English fans who tried to approach the entrance turning point following the security of the police officers who were security officers who were following the stadium phase. Many foreign journalists experienced the same test.

The use of gas occurred when some local fans, especially Liverpool fans, decided to cross the bars of several gates, including the “U” designed for magazines. This act caused a tug of war between the police.

Other fans, forced by police action, tried to forcefully use iron rods. At this point, several run-ins were formed between the security guards and the fans left outside the State de France.