June 13, 2024

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The manager says that Sao Paulo prioritizes hiring the first steering wheel |  Sao Paulo

The manager says that Sao Paulo prioritizes hiring the first steering wheel | Sao Paulo

Negotiations were interrupted for the arrival of Willian Rocha, As the General Electric report showed last Monday. From this scenario, the Sao Paulo board of directors is redirecting the focus to appointing a “first steering wheel,” according to a statement made by football director Carlos Belmonte on Tuesday night.

– We’re looking for a steering wheel first steering wheel. It’s another stand we just have Luan. We are looking, is the priority. As for the defender, Diego (Costa) behaved well, according to Ceni. We have Miranda, Arboleda, Leo and Wallis, who have to come back, Belmonte said in an interview with Rádio Bandeirantes.

Carlos Belmonte, São Paulo’s director of football, has announced that the team wants a midfielder – Photo: Disclosure/saopaulofc.net

About Willian Rocha, Belmonte announces that Portimonense has made a counter-proposal out of São Paulo’s reach. There are currently no negotiations regarding the defender.

The director of football also confirmed the appointment of Fernando Fernandez as Sao Paulo’s new medical coordinator and announced mid-term changes to Barra Funda CT, amid complaints from Rogério Ceni about the club’s structure.

– We are expanding to change all physical preparation equipment, in three or four months. Tomorrow or the day after, we’ll sign a contract with a company to change everything. We did not have a medical coordinator. I can guarantee that when I joined I was 20 years late. Let’s finish the year at least on a par with other clubs – he said.

Belmonte also stresses that São Paulo is trying to evolve in terms of market analysis. According to the manager, the club is negotiating with a partner to advance this structural issue.

– We are negotiating for Spanish, English and Ecuadorean market analysis. This one is from Ecuador used by Palmeiras and CBF. We work to figure out which one best suits our financial needs. We need progress in this area (…). The fans can believe we will end the year well, much better – concluded the manager.

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– Photo: ge.globo