May 20, 2024

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The Municipal Health Department publishes a new law

The Municipal Health Department publishes a new law

On Monday (21) the Municipal Health Department published Ordinance No. 025/2022 / SMS in order to organize guidance on how to exercise caution and how to act regarding the number of employees in their companies during the COVID-19 period. , given the return of face-to-face activities.

According to Municipal Health Minister Suellen Alliend, these requirements are valid for formal or informal workers, the self-employed, and other public and private workers.

Under this situation, the decree directs to carry out Covid-19 tests more than once, so that the worker returns 100% to the company, without any symptoms. Thus, it is not necessary to comply with the isolation days before returning in person. If the worker shows any symptoms, he must remain under medical observation and recover.

To become a safe place not only for the workers, but also for the owners of the company, it is required that they keep the means of preservation in practice, especially for those who are classified as an “at risk group”.

This practice can be combined with the Regional Reference Center for Workers’ Health (CEREST), epidemiological surveillance of SMS as well as health surveillance, which will conduct routine inspections.

It will be very important to indicate in documents related to the delivery of individual protective materials, not only to those who are part of the risk group, but also to all types of employees, according to the Ministry of Health.

The purpose of the protection plan is to get people to follow and respect the new requirements, but in a more flexible way, seeking to mitigate and control exposure to the virus. Currently, there are new ways to protect yourself from Covid-19 without having to move away from work, such as the office at home, a change of workplace, and taking the employer on vacation.

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