June 23, 2024

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The newspaper says the UK government will reduce BBC funding

BBC Headquarters in London, UK (Credit: REUTERS / Hannah McKay)

By William James

LONDON (Reuters) – The British government has cut funding for the BBC and ordered a two-year moratorium on payments to see a broadcaster, according to the Mail on Sunday.

The future of the British Broadcasting Corporation has been a permanent topic of political debate, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government recently suggesting that its funding needs reform.

With inflation expected to peak at 6% or more in April in 30 years, freezing the license fee to its current level of £ 159 ($ 217.40) will provide some relief to consumers struggling with a sharp rise in the cost of living.

But it would also be a major blow to the BBC’s finances, as it seeks to compete with privately funded news organizations and other streaming entertainment funded by services and consumer subscriptions such as Netflix.

The Department of Digital, Media, Culture and Sports declined to comment when asked about the Mail on Sunday report.

Culture Secretary Nadine Doris tweeted that the license fee agreement would be such a final deal and linked to an article in the Mail on Sunday.

“Now is the time to discuss and discuss new ways of financing, supporting and selling the best British content,” he said on Twitter.

The BBC declined to comment on Doris’ tweet or e-mail report on Sunday. The opposition Labor Party said the cuts were politically motivated.

“The Prime Minister and the Secretary of Culture seem determined to attack this great British institution because they do not like its press,” said Lucy Powell, Labor MP and head of cultural policy.

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The BBC News product is constantly criticized by political parties in the UK. His coverage of the Johnson administration’s central Brexit issue has long been widely criticized by supporters of leaving the EU.


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